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Sales Team Profile: Brad Hessler

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Meet Brad Hessler.

He’s a sales account executive at Chicago Communications who specializes in telecommunication, video surveillance, and wireless network solutions for commercial markets.

In his role, he helps businesses identify their communications and security needs and connects them with solutions specific to their operations and business goals.

Tags: Chicago Communications

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For professionals in manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, public safety and other commercial industries, effective voice communications and broadband capabilities are essential. This often means more than what is available through personal devices or private mobile radios. To meet this demand, Motorola Solutions has introduced Mototrbo Nitro, an end-to-end enterprise communications solution with premium voice capabilities and lightning-fast private broadband data. 

Tags: Public Safety Communications, Product Spotlight

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Communication is a critical component of any public safety effort. In a school setting, it’s particularly important that administrators, school resource officers and local law enforcement be able to communicate clearly and effectively for a quick and appropriate response. Yet, too often budgets and competing priorities make the price of a communications strategy too high. That’s where school safety grants can help. Here are three things to keep in mind in finding these grants to purchase the vital communications equipment that can support safety and security in schools.

Tags: Education, Safety Solutions

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In our everyday lives, smart phones are powerful instruments, allowing us to connect and communicate just how we need to. But in a professional setting, whether on the plant floor, in the classroom, or during an emergency response, a smart phone is not always enough. Here, we look at whether a smartphone or two-way radio will be more effective for your workforce and operations.

Tags: Two Way Radios, Digital Two-Way Radios

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Efficient, effective communication among first responders, the public, and emergency personnel is crucial in the event of an emergency. Technology is key to ensuring that this communication is accessible and reliable. Here we look at Motorola Command Central and its suite of software applications that can take public safety agencies to the next level to save lives, protect property and safeguard communities.

Tags: Public Safety Communications, Safety Solutions

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We’ve received hundreds of two way radio service calls here at ChiComm over the years, and as you can imagine, several common themes have emerged in terms of the types of calls and problems that users are facing.

As much as we love hearing from our customers, we want to save you from a service call if we can, and there are some basic steps we recommend you take before calling us for help.

Drawing from our decades of experience, here are some common troubleshooting tips and detailed steps for two way radios. Also make sure to consult our more in-depth page on two way radio maintenance.

Tags: Two Way Radios

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For almost every industry, the ability to provide consistent, reliable connection among staff, customers, clients, and all stakeholders is essential. But questions can arise when it comes to what technology, such as wireless broadband and fiber connectivity, is truly needed. Here we’ll explore the most cited features of both.

Tags: Distributed Antenna System

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For more effective communications, many industry leaders are exploring the use of DRMdigital mobile radiotechnology to improve operations. By understanding this technology and its benefits, you can have a greater sense of whether it’s a good fit for your organization.

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For public safety professionals, communication and fast response is critical. To make this happen, a secure, reliable system to field calls, ascertain details, and send help is needed. For many communities a technology that bolsters 9-1-1 communications is Emergency Call Works. Here we look at how this product can enhance emergency response and give agencies added savings with greater flexibility.

Tags: Next Generation Public Safety, Safety Solutions

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WIFI vs CBRS: Understanding the Differences

Posted by Tom Treichler on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

If you’re in the market for communications technologies to improve your operations, two terms you’ll hear frequently are WIFI and CBRS. Here, we look at WIFI vs CBRS, including their definitions, benefits and key differences to provide insights to help you determine which one is a fit for your company or organization.

Tags: Wireless Networking, Distributed Antenna System

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