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Expert Two-Way Radio Service Providers

In many environments, cell phones just can't keep up.

Costly consumer cell phones aren’t built for business, heavy industry or public safety. Smartphone technology is advancing quickly, but even with all of those advances, there are certain mission critical needs they’ll never be able to address. Using cell phones where they aren’t built to go means either risking damage by juggling multiple devices or developing workarounds that waste precious time and decrease productivity.

Two Way Radios

Two-way digital radios are cost effective and specifically designed with unique users in mind.

Two-way digital radios provide instant, rugged, secure and high-performing communication that helps increase productivity, improve resolution time and protect workers.


As stand-alone devices, radios are incomparable in four key areas and beyond:

1. Safety

  • Emergency call features
  • Coordination with local first responders
  • Backup system in case of landline failure

2. Reliability

  • Ability to overcome dead spots
  • Technology to ensure crystal clear audio in even the noisiest environments
  • Connectivity during emergencies, power outages and natural disasters when cell phone towers can become overloaded

3. Operational Efficiency

  • Real-time access to information
  • Instant communication so that workers or staff can be contacted anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to track the location of people, supplies or deliveries

4. Cost

  • Elimination of monthly usage fees
  • Flexibility to invest cost savings in other critical areas
  • The long life and durability of devices reduce the need for costly repairs and downtime


What Makes Us Different:

Our Engineering and Design Qualifications

Shopping for two-way radio service providers isn’t just about the equipment, it’s about the whole solution. It’s about choosing a partner for the long haul who understands each client’s unique needs, can tailor custom packages and be available to answer questions and keep devices in optimal shape for as long as possible.

Since 2004, Chicago Communications has been that trusted partner for clients big and small.

For each client, we gather their requirements, then carefully analyze critical design parameters. We couple that information with our wealth of technical knowledge and experience in order to develop personalized system and network designs.

In addition, as a member of Motorola’s community of third-party application providers, we offer MOTOTRBO software applications that take two-way radios to the next level of functionality and innovation.

Our Depth of Experience

Chicago Communications is one of the few two-way radio service providers with the expertise to transform technology into powerful solutions.


We have 20 union technicians and installers who have an average tenure of 15 years in the industry. Our dedicated technical staff operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that an experienced and professional service provider is always available when clients need assistance.


We provide world-class service and support for what we sell throughout each product’s life cycle, from planning of the initial purchase, to on-site support such as connectivity testing and troubleshooting, to repair services. And we help you understand everything you need to know about two-way radios to use them successfully in your setting.


Technical Competency

Our Customers Say...

When we tried the Motorola TLK 100 radios, they sounded loud and clear and
worked everywhere. We were impressed with the solution and service provided
by Chicago Communications.

Doug Smith, President, Smith Ready Mix

I would recommend Chicago Communications to any business or public safety
agency. We keep coming back because we’re happy.

Delores Temes, Director, Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center

Chicago Communications has proven over nearly two decades to provide a continual

high level of service, sales and support for our mission critical needs in the ECC

and the agencies we serve.

Jason Kern, Executive Director, Southeast Emergency Communications (SEECOM)

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