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At Chicago Communications We Service What We Sell

Certified Service Center

Chicago Communications has undergone an extensive review of our management and customer service policies, dress code, adherence to federal and local regulations, insurance coverage and technician qualifications to assure that you receive the best quality of service available today.

As an approved Certified Service Center, you are insured that:

  • Customer Service is our top priority
  • We have nationally certified technicians
  • We have a nationally certified service manager
  • We have nationally certified customer service personnel
  • Our business practices have been verified and approved as conforming to the highest ethical standards
  • We have written warranty and customer service policies
  • We have industry approved service equipment
  • We adhere to a written and approved code of conduct 



General Technician Certifications

  • FCC
  • Electronics Technicians Association (ETA)
  • CompTIA
  • A+
  • IB Wave Design Software
  • ComStudy and Hydra Propagation Software
  • IB Flex



Vendor Specific Certifications

  • Motorola Solutions
    • Radio
    • Consoles
    • 9-1-1
  • Video Surveillance
    • Avigilon
    • Axis
  • Dispatch Consoles
    • Avtec
    • Telex
  • Microwave
    • Cambium
  • BDA / DAS
    • Westell
    • TxRx
    • ADRF
  • 9-1-1
    • Intrado
    • Solacom
  • Logging Recorders
    • Nice
    • Eventide
  • Spectracom - Netclock
  • Call24 – Emergency Call Boxes
  • System Monitoring
    • Genesis
    • Auvik



Why live with inadequate equipment?

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