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Why Does My Police Radio System Sound So Bad?

Posted by Tom Treichler on Thursday, August 3, 2017

I can't tell you how many times I’ve heard from a customer, "My police radio system sounds bad," only to find that their radios are not set up correctly.

Not having the right setup and/or not using two-way radios properly will lead to all kinds of performance issues, even if you have the latest emergency communications equipment. This can impact everything from routine conversations to emergency communications and disaster response. Before you call to have your radios or systems serviced, it’s worth the time to try a few troubleshooting tips first.

The simplicity of the solutions here may surprise you, so keep reading for my answer to why your police radio system sounds so bad. Hint: It’s probably not the radios.

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It isn’t an overstatement to say that reliable communications in public safety saves lives. We know that departments rely on their radios and accessories to keep themselves and the people they serve safe. And you’re doing it all with fewer resources than ever.

As agencies balance safety and security with budgetary concerns, the right communications solution needs to meet all of their requirements and be economical. Police and firefighters have many of the same issues but different needs, and communications systems need to be tailored to meet their unique situations.

With all of the factors to consider for communications in public safety, here is some insight into how to maintain quality and security on a budget.

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Two-way radios, when deployed correctly, can transform a business, campus, industry or agency. With this one solution, alone or in combination with applications and accessories, you have the opportunity to solve countless communications and safety problems and address issues with collaboration and productivity.

In my 38 years working with radios, I’ve found that the keys to unlocking radios’ potential are to choose carefully, to have strictly followed maintenance and training plans in place, and to supplement with applications and accessories. Users across the spectrum will attest that for frontline workers, the ability to quickly communicate from one to many is just the beginning of what radios can do. 

If you’re shopping for devices for the first time or considering an upgrade to your fleet, here is everything you need to know about two-way radios

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