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With today’s speed of information and tech-savvy civilians, social media is not a passing trend. And now more than ever, law enforcement and social media are coming together to keep people safe, informed and enlightened about the role of law enforcement in our society.

Here are the many benefits law enforcement officers across the country are gaining by tweeting, posting, and sharing; along with the challenges in social media they’re learning to overcome.

Tags: Public Safety Communications, Next Generation Public Safety, Social Media, Safety Solutions

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Wireless networks’ ability to instantly connect us to the internet has made us more dependent than ever on this ever-changing and constantly growing technology. Nowadays, it seems as if it would be nearly impossible to function at the same capacity and speed without it.

But that leaves us with an important question: How to access and ensure secure public WiFi when we’re working remotely or catching up on our accounts away from home?

Tags: Wireless Communication, Wireless Networking

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Across the country, leaders are improving collaboration in healthcare through communications technology, and having a direct impact on patient experience, cyber security, and facility security.

Tags: Healthcare, Digital Two-Way Radios, MOTOTRBO

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Once you’ve decided to purchase or upgrade your radio fleet, a two-way radio maintenance program may be the last thing on your mind.

After all, you’ve just made a sizable purchase, and “maintenance program” sounds like more money. The fact is, though, that leaving the efficient functioning of your communications equipment to chance will cost more in the long run and could leave you without instant, mission critical communication when you need it most.

We've got another treat for you visual learners out there. Our latest video walks through the benefits of protecting your investment with a two-way radio maintenance program and why it’s worth the extra cash upfront.

Tags: Digital Two-Way Radios, Two Way Radios, Maintenance/Installation/Service

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Even as smartphones get smarter and more sophisticated, two-way radios still reign as the best internal communication tools across any number of industries and workplaces.

Whether staff are communicating from the ER to security, from the front desk to facilities, or from one end of a warehouse to the other, radios are the most convenient, durable and reliable option, not to mention the most cost effective option for interdepartmental communications.

If you’re still relying on cell phones to communicate or are unhappy with your current solution, keep reading to discover the three reasons that make two-way radios the best internal communication tools.

Tags: Digital Two-Way Radios, Distributed Antenna System, MOTOTRBO

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Emergency responder radio coverage in buildings is guaranteed by WiFi and cell coverage, right?


Our new video explores the importance of a dedicated distributed antenna system solution for first responders and why it’s so important for developers, architects and construction crews to work with public safety in mind from the very beginning.

Tags: Public Safety Communications, Distributed Antenna System

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Enhancing safety in schools is a challenge that requires a range of solutions, from changes in behavior to advancements in technology in schools.

At the same time, educators are increasingly being challenged to use technology to ensure that they’re nurturing the next generation of innovative students.

Given the budgetary concerns facing campuses large and small, it’s important to invest in technology that’s both effective and cost-effective. But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right products and systems?

Tags: Education

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Companies with great internal communications didn’t get to where they are by accident – they have worked hard to break down silos, enable collaboration and have the right tools at the ready.

Across industries, well-connected workforces are safer, more productive and more efficient, and there is a single solution that makes it happen: two-way radios.

What four things do companies with great internal communications already know? It starts and ends with radios.

Tags: Push to Talk, Digital Two-Way Radios, MOTOTRBO, Two Way Radios

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When it comes keeping workers safe, especially those working alone, tools like the man down radio application are essential for ensuring quality and timely communication.

Once you’ve worked with one of your area’s trusted two way radio service providers to equip your personnel with radios, it’s time to activate the safety features for those who are on duty alone or who operate in isolated areas.

Motorola two-way radios are outfitted with various features intended to ensure worker safety and increase peace of mind, including the Man Down radio application and Lone Worker function. Here’s a closer look at both.

Tags: Safety Solutions

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The secret to finding the perfect firefighter radio and communications equipment is simple: Shop for features first.

Given the budget concerns facing public safety, the inclination is to shop for what you think the department can afford rather than what’s required.

But what will serve you best in the long run is to select your two-way radios and other communications equipment by functionality, not price.

Tags: Public Safety Communications

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