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For public safety officers, effective and high-quality video surveillance and monitoring equipment is no longer a luxury of big-budget departments. It’s a necessity for doing their jobs, keeping people safe, and protecting officer reputations and jobs. To provide public safety officers the best options in the field, Motorola recently acquired WatchGuard Video, an in-car video system for law enforcement officers that provides unparalleled visibility and transparency. The following are several features of WatchGuard Video that make it a key part of a public safety communications strategy.

Tags: Public Safety Communications, Next Generation Public Safety, Video Surveillance

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Sales Team Profile: Cathy Kulnig

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Creativity, project management, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing a production through from start to finish: These things have motivated Account Executive Cathy Kulnig both at Chicago Communications and throughout her extensive background in theater and performance.

Tags: Employee Spotlight

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Communications technology is essential in multiple industries, and one of the areas it is most important is in the public safety sector. For those committed to protecting and serving, having the right equipment is an everyday necessity. And when it comes to police communication technology in particular, there are several communications essentials that can give officers dependable, real-time information to stay informed and safe and to respond properly. Here we look at some of the most employed solutions.

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Anyone familiar with two-way radio lingo such as the military phonetic alphabet will attest that the phrases, codes and terms form their own unique languages.

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Inspirational Quotes for Public Safety Officers

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

First responders such as paramedics, police officers, and firefighters risk their own safety every day to ensure our communities are better places to live. All public safety officers play a key role in keeping our communities, campuses, and gathering places safe.

Here we share some of the many inspirational quotes for public safety officers that convey the importance of their work and how they make a positive difference.

To all public safety officers, we hope these quotes demonstrate how much you're valued and keep you inspired in your crucial work!

Tags: Public Safety Communications

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Of course, communications with clients and customers is key to meeting deliverables. But how you make processes work on the inside determines how well you satisfy those clients and customers and how efficient and effective you are in the process. That’s where the ability to communicate across your organization, through any situation, is essential. So, what are the best internal communications tools to ensure your teams deliver? An investment in the following equipment can keep staff connected. 

Tags: Digital Two-Way Radios, Video Surveillance, Distributed Antenna System

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Sales Team Profile: Todd Niccum

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

If you’re in charge of public safety in the Chicago area, Todd Niccum can help you find communications technology solutions.

Tags: Employee Spotlight

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Microcell technology sounds like something you may have heard in biology class. But in the world of communications, it’s actually referring to the latest approach to expanding cellular networks and boosting connectivity. Here we take a closer look at this technology and three things you should know about its effect on the future of your business communications.

Tags: Distributed Antenna System

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Nowadays communications devices are all over the place, with workers using multiple cell phones and tablets and companies having "Bring Your Own Device" policies adding even more equipment into the environment. But the more technology we have, the more fragmented communication can often become. Business leaders—whether in public safety, manufacturing, education, hospitality or healthcare, must learn how to overcome this fragmentation and how to improve communication between teams in order to meet goals for productivity, efficiency and revenue. These strategies can help. 

Tags: Wireless Communication

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Two-way radios are essential across multiple industries. Superior to smart phones and cell phones, they provide communications capabilities that can stay up and running even when disasters hit, or when cell phone lines are down or overcrowded. Today’s radios are easy to use, intuitive, and designed for modern communications in public safety, education, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

Still, there are two-way radio use guidelines that are essential in ensuring you’re getting the most from your communications.

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