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Sales Team

Brad Hessler


Brad Hessler is a sales account executive who specializes in telecommunication, video surveillance, and wireless network solutions for commercial markets. In his role, he helps businesses identify their communications and security needs and connects them with solutions specific to their operations and business goals.

Brad has been with Chicago Communications for seven years, and he says what he loves about the company are the close relationships everyone has.

“Our employees not only look out for each other,” he says. “They always go out of their way to be there for our customers as well.”

In addition, he says, because of the competitiveness of the industry, Chicago Communication is always looking for new ways to separate itself from the others.

 “I am here to help in any way possible. Whether that is resolving a problem you are experiencing, looking for suggestions or solutions, or even just answering a question that might arise, please reach out. Improving safety and security for you and your company is our primary goal.”

What are three things Brad can’t live without? Coffee, his cell phone, and his family.

Cathy Kulnig


Creativity, project management, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing through a project from start to finish: These things have motivated Account Executive Cathy Kulnig both at Chicago Communications and throughout her extensive background in theater and performance. 

While people might not think selling communications technology and a degree in theatre go together, Cathy’s 20-year career with Chicago Communications shows the combination is a perfect fit. 

“It’s about thinking on your feet,” Cathy says. “And it’s the ability to do all kinds of different things in front of new audiences of customers. There’s always something new to do, and it’s gratifying to do them successfully.” 

Being able to employ these talents is why she loves working for Chicago Communications. 

“I like taking things from nothing and then having people partner with me to create something that’s going to work, whether it’s a safety or security solution,” she says. “That’s my specialty. I love helping people.” 

While theater is in her heart, she values the professional field of ChiComm and the opportunities to play one of her most important roles: A partner in communications solutions. 

And the three things she says she wouldn’t want to live without? Her family, her religion, and of course, theater.


Jim Lameka

Jim Lameka Sales Rep

Having worked in commercial radio technology since the mid-1990s, Account Executive Jim Lameka has the expertise needed to provide the best communication solutions for our customers. And with a background in human resources, Jim enjoys connecting with all of you! 

Jim Lameka joined the Chicago Communications team as part of our merger with Miner Electronics in 2021. He finds customers appreciate the comprehensive solutions that Chicago Communications can provide to meet their needs, including video surveillance, analytics, and wide area coverage solutions. "That's what rejuvenates me professionally," he says, "There's just so much technology out there, and we can always do more." 

Jim finds flexibility and responsiveness are essential qualities in his job. "If you're somebody who's rigid and structured, this is not the job for you," he says. "While every day starts with a plan, there are many times a customer calls with an issue or even an emergency, and that plan has to be put on hold to help them." 

High-stakes situations are one thing Jim is not afraid of; his work has called upon him to provide remote-controlled locomotive systems that needed to work in inferno temperatures, help a customer replace their equipment immediately after a robbery, and even test a radio signal from the bottom of a grave!

Jim is a life-long adventurer who enjoys car restoration, scuba diving at destinations from the Great Barrier Reef to Navy Pier, and all of the adventures his work has provided over the years. 

The three things he says he can’t live without are his family, a sense of purpose, and — diving. 


Todd Niccum


If you’re in charge of public safety in the Chicago area, Todd Niccum can help you find communications technology solutions. 

A Government Account Executive for Chicago Communications for almost four years, Todd serves police departments, fire departments, and all agencies that get government funding to keep people safe. As an account executive for these agencies, Todd wants them to know his job is not about just making a sale. 

“I don’t want to sell them something just because I’m good at selling,” he says. “I want to advise them on how to solve their communication needs.” 

Being this type of trusted adviser is one of the things Todd loves about sales and the approach of Chicago Communications. “I treat Chicomm likes it’s my own company,” he says. “I see how different people run their business and I work with them to build a relationship that they can count on.” 

“My approach to selling is actually teaching,” he says. “I set out to provide a background and an education about what we can do to improve safety and communications for their officers on the street. I’m there as an adviser.” 

The three things he says he can’t live without: faith, family and friends.


Nancy Rezman


Born and raised in Chicago, Nancy has been a member of the Chicago Communications team since 2012. She has experience in design and customer service and support, all of which she utilizes in her Inside Sales Support role at Chicago Communications.

Nancy Rezman has always embraced a challenge and finds great satisfaction in solving problems for Chicago Communications customers, even difficult issues. “Those are the ones I like the most,” she says. 

She appreciates the service-based and family-owned culture of Chicago Communications, where everyone is treated with respect and where she can form long-lasting relationships with customers. “A lot of people think that with radios, you just turn them on and use them,” she says. "But we walk people through the entire communications process. We’re going to be there as companies grow, problems arise, and needs change.”

Above all, Nancy loves helping people. “I’ve been given the gift of learning so much from my team,” she says. “And I get to pass that knowledge along to our clients. I enjoy being the person to make sure they all have what they need.” Outside of work, she and her husband host podcasts and speak at conferences for people who have lost a loved one or been touched by grief. “In any situation, I want to be the person people come to. I want to be there for them.”

Three (or so) things she can’t live without: family, friends, music, and her three fur babies: Godfrey, Vanna White, and Jackie Chan.


John Schoon


John Schoon is an account executive working with Chicago Communications customers in public safety and municipalities. He has been providing communications solutions in public safety since 2006 and joined our team as part of our merger with Miner Electronics in 2021.

Prior to his career in communications technology, John was an account executive in another fast-paced environment with evolving communications technology — the newspaper business.

One of the things John loves about his job is meeting face-to-face with customers, listening to them, understanding their needs, and being able to help meet them. He also deeply appreciates being able to help police and firefighters be safe in the course of their work. While every project has its own rewards, John points to interoperability as an area of technology that he's been very interested in. "The ability for both police and fire departments to work with different communities and assist each other is key," he says.

John believes one of the biggest advantages Chicago Communications offers customers is the in-depth experience of our staff across all departments. "Technology is changing on a day-to-day basis. Over the years, with each of our customers, there's always something new to share."

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting, fishing, and getting outdoors as often as possible.

The three things John says he can't live without are: "my faith, my family and my friends."


Randy Swets


Randy Swets has been an Account Executive with Chicago Communications since 2013.

Growing up, Randy became familiar with Motorola radios because his father was a firefighter in the south Chicago suburbs. Building on his early enthusiasm for communications technology, he went on to study electronics at DeVry University and then got his first job installing communications systems in vehicles of all types — even a 54-foot yacht!

Building on that strong technical foundation, Randy began his career in sales and joined the Chicago Communications team. "With Chicago Communications being seen as an industry leader in solutions and deployment capabilities in so many ways, I'm very, very happy to be part of this team," says Randy.

What does Randy love about his job? For one, the wide variety of technology solutions that he can connect customers with to improve their safety, security, and efficiency dramatically — and help their bottom line. Beyond that, he values being able to support that same customer over the years as they use and update their communications systems. "We ask a lot of questions, and the answers help us help our customers." For Randy, that means not just selling a product or solution, but understanding customers' wants and needs, and helping to guide them to a solution that delivers the best results over time.

Outside of work, Randy loves fishing, swimming, and spending time with his wife and his grandchildren, often going to their soccer and baseball games. 

Three things he can't live without? Faith, grandchildren, and time on (or near) the water.


Mike Wierzba


The small-company atmosphere with large-company capabilities is what Account Executive Mike Wierzba loves about Chicago Communications. 

Having joined the company in 2017, Mike delivers communications technology solutions to colleges and universities in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana market, and to commercial customers in manufacturing, education, transportation, hospitality and health care in South Cook County, Kankakee, Grundy and Lake County. 

Mike takes pride in the people, values, and technology of Chicago Communications. And he says his proudest moment was when he first started seeing sales from his relationship-building and cultivation efforts in a territory that had been unreached and underdeveloped. 

He says he takes pride in the new customers he has brought on board and the role he’s played in helping them achieve their goals. He says he truly takes an interest in their needs and is driven to provide the best possible solutions to their problems. 

“I really work hard to make sure my customers have what they need when they need it,” he says. “And I am extremely focused on making sure things are done correctly right out of the gate.”

The three things Mike wouldn’t want to live without? A hot tub, chicken wings, and good family and friends.


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