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As more districts are discovering every day, two-way radios in K-12 schools are the centerpiece of any effective safety plan.

Radios outpace cell phones in terms of reliability, durability and functionality, and there are tailored radio solutions available regardless of the communications challenges schools and districts face.

This safety guide with case studies provides a comprehensive overview for two-way radios in K-12 schools and the options available for overcoming infrastructure, geographic and logistical issues.  

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Ensuring state-of-the-art technology in schools isn’t just about about the educational benefits, it’s also about school safety.

Having the best devices on hand, powering strong school WiFiand developing sophisticated school technology can make the difference in student performance and school security.

But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right products and systems? Here are some questions to ask when investing in technology in schools.

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In Illinois, STARCOM has made statewide radio for public safety a reality, bridging communications across local, state and federal jurisdictions, including colleges and universities.  

Given the importance of two-way radios as a top communication tool for school safety and even school bus safety, it makes sense to maximize their reach with a system like STARCOM, also known as STARCOM21.

Here’s a quick overview of what stepping up campus security with statewide radio for public safety looks like.

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There’s nothing like an emergency to put a campus communication system to the test.

Operations are running smoothly until, out of blue, a school security situation arises that makes you regret your reliance on cell phones and your decision not to upgrade your school WiFi.

If your emergency plans have been tested – and failed – or if you’re simply looking toward the future, here’s how to build a successful campus communication system.

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Rapid advances in tech continue to impact nearly every aspect of our lives, and school technology is no different.

Innovation for new and existing technology in schools is affecting not only how we think about things like school safety, school bus safety and campus communication, but how students and teachers interact in the learning environment as well.

To dig a little deeper, let’s look at just one example of the future of school technology through so-called “flipped” classrooms.

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Top Tech Tools to Enhance Safety in Schools

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Enhancing safety in schools is a challenge that requires a range of solutions, from changes in behavior to advancements in technology in schools.

Given the budgetary concerns facing campuses large and small, it’s important to invest in technology for school safety that’s both effective and cost-effective.

As you’re researching solutions for your own school, district or campus, here are our top tech tools to enhance safety in schools.

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Understandably, much of the focus on school safety involves what happens to students when they’re on campus, but what about school bus safety? Among the tools for keeping millions of students, coaches, teachers and drivers safe on buses every day, two-way radios are at the top of the list.

For a variety of reasons, two-way radios are an ideal communications solution for school safety in general, and transportation in particular.

Let’s look at some of the ways to enhance school bus safety with two-way radios.

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In the not too distant past, administrators and educators didn't have to worry about things like connecting students and teachers to school WiFi – school supplies came in boxes and filmstrips were considered high-tech. 

When computers and other technology did initially become available, they were shared by students, teachers and administrators alike in group computer labs, and getting time on a computer was a challenge.

Today, of course, it’s hard to imagine educational settings without individual access to computers, tablets, laptops and lightning fast school WiFi. It’s worth taking a closer look at the critical role technology in schools plays, from school safety to campus communication, and how your campus can stay connected.

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Technology in education is constantly evolving in exciting ways, from apps that aid in learning to communications equipment that enhances school safety. We know that administrators are always looking for economical ways to use technology to address their challenges, so we’d like to share this case study from one Illinois district that made the smart switch to radios.

By transitioning staff and administrators from cell phones to MOTOTRBO two-way radios, Fremont School District 79 (SD 79) not only improved communications, they transformed their school safety.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the specific advantages that radios have over cell phones for Fremont SD 79 and districts like it.

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School transportation is one of the parts of running a district or campus that has the most moving parts -- quite literally. Buses and other vehicles have to be dispatched and tracked, student class and activity schedules must be coordinated, and for all of that to happen successfully, reliable communication is essential. Whether your district is large or small, your communications solution is tasked with keeping everything running smoothly and all personnel in contact.

Compared to cell phones, radios offer enhanced durability, reliability and functionality, as well as reduced cost, and they’re an ideal way to centralize communications. Two-way radios and mobile radios are user-friendly, and the overall solution is easily scalable for when districts are ready to expand their capabilities or number of users.

In this blog, I'll share some creative ways to use communications to streamline your school transportation system.

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