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TLK 25: A Sleek, Efficient Solution for Prioritizing Communication

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, December 6, 2023

TLK25 A Sleek, Efficient Solution for Prioritizing Communication

This season’s sleek accessory also happens to be one of the most revolutionary tech innovations: the TLK 25 is a body-worn device that is helping leaders in hospitality, retail, healthcare, and education stay connected and secure.

The TLK 25

The TLK 25 is Motorola’s intuitive voice assistant. It allows a user to access a communications, management, and safety system easily. It uses existing WiFi networks, which are integrated with your existing system.

What’s inside this compact device?

  • Intuitive voice assistant
  • WAVE PTX management and interoperability
  • Dual LED status indicators
  • A dedicated emergency button
  • Lone worker and fall alert
  • IP67 rated
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • Dedicated PTT
  • A 12-hour battery

What’s not inside a TLK 25?

  • External speakers or mics
  • Screens

Seamless Interoperability

The TLK 25 is a WiFI-only device that doesn’t require additional infrastructure. It doesn’t eat up your bandwidth, and it easily connects to existing WiFi networks. If your organization has a mixed fleet, it will interoperate with LMR and LTE devices.

The TLK 25 gets along with everyone. It also interoperates with smartphones, MOTORTRBO two-way radios, and TLK devices.

Organizations using the WAVE PTX app can set up, manage, and update their TLK 25s from anywhere.

It Speaks Your Language

This device is powered by natural language processing, and the Intuitive Voice Assistant can understand different accents and word choices. You can ask it to call someone, report an emergency, unlock something remotely, check messages, check WiFi, or check battery status. It’s a lot like having a personal assistant.

The TLK 25 has PTT and voice assistant buttons and can also be paired with specialized accessories, such as a customized earpiece that allows users to carry the device comfortably and operate the device without touching it. Hands are free for all the other work they need to do.

What are the potential TLK 25 use cases for various workplaces?


In hospitality settings, the guests come first, and the discreet TLK 25 is perfect for front desk personnel. They can use it to locate anyone on the team precisely to make sure guests’ needs are being met.

It doesn’t have an external mic or speaker, so there is less noise disturbance.

And, of course, if a guest falls, experiences a medical emergency, or an intruder enters the facility, the emergency button connects the front desk to all necessary responders.


Schools need to stay secure and connected, and the emergency button is key in these settings. The lone worker and fall alerts keep the right people informed. Since many schools have mixed fleets, the interoperability will help the front office stay connected with security, buses, and personnel over a wide area.


The sleek, discreet device helps improve customers’ experiences and also helps prevent theft and loss. The emergency button helps generate a fast response to incidents. And because staff turnover is high in retail settings, the intuitive, easy-to-use device is easy to train someone on.


The device’s precise indoor location helps locate staff to address emergencies and incidents. The TLK 25 uses the existing WiFi network and can easily integrate with other devices. It is also durable if it is dropped and works in chaotic environments.

Moving in the Right Direction

No matter which industry it shows up in, the TLK 25 is a wearable communication device that can assist public-facing staff with communication and operations. It helps users prioritize customers, patients, and experiences. There’s no fussing with wires, screens, or multiple devices. 

This little powerhouse can speak your language. It understands what you need and locates the people you need to get in touch with to make our lives easier, safer, and more connected.

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