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Best Two-Way Radios for Hospitality

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, March 1, 2018

What are the best two-way radios for hospitality? 

Selecting the right radio in this business needs to be informed by specific job responsibilities: Sleek handhelds are often best for front desk staff, whereas ruggedized products are needed for facilities management. Security staff often need discreet devices to do their job best.

For each staff role, there are radios, accessories and applications available that offer a full range of features and functionality to keep operations running smoothly and guests happy.

With guest satisfaction in mind, below are the specific two-way radio models that are best for three major staff roles in hospitality. Experienced two-way radio service providers can also provide helpful specifications and advice when making a selection.

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No part of the hotel and resort experience is immune from today’s fast-moving hospitality technology trends, and that includes connectivity in lobbies and lounges.

No longer is the lobby a pass-through point or the lounge a place just for breakfast and happy hour. Business travelers, in particular, want connected communal public workspaces where they can hold informal meetings, socialize with their smartphones and finish up the day’s work.

So let’s take a look the hospitality technology trend of connected lobbies and lounges.

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In the hospitality business, delivering a flawless guest experience requires seamless communications, from before guests arrive, to the duration of their stays, to after they check out.

Two-way radios have long been the backbone of hotel and resort communications and hospitality management, and their features and functionality are catching up to meet the demands of increasingly more connected consumers and guests.

Is your current radio solution ready for the future, or is it time to upgrade? Start to assess with this two-way radio checklist for the hospitality business.

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If you’re planning or considering upgrades to your hotel wifi this year, a recent survey says you aren’t alone: the global Zebra Hospitality Vision Study reports that more than three-quarters of the hotels/resorts surveyed worldwide are expanding their wifi coverage.

The reasons for the expansion are clear: today’s connected consumers not only want lightning-fast hotel wireless, they’ve come to expect it — and more. They also want to use their smartphones and other devices to do more, and they want to interact with staff who are equally connected.

For the December 2016 global report, Zebra Technologies Corporation surveyed nearly 1,200 hotel and resort workers and almost 1,700 consumers in two global studies. (Incidentally, Extreme Networks acquired Zebra Technologies' Wireless LAN business in late 2016.) Let’s take a closer look at what they uncovered.

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Hospitality management is one of the most complex – and most rewarding – leadership careers there is. You’re not only delivering a service, you’re creating exceptional experiences for guests, whether they’re business travelers, moms out for a girls’ weekend or high school students traveling for a band competition.

You are helping guests create memories, and to do that well takes a touch of inspiration. To create that spark, we’ve compiled wisdom from some of the giants in the hospitality industry.

Let’s let these legendary hoteliers speak for themselves; here are 30 inspirational quotes for hospitality management:

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Hospitality social media accounts are up and running for all aspects of the industry, from consumer trends to innovation, technology and communications. There is no shortage of options for accounts to follow, like or connect with that provide the latest news, updates and forecasts.

Given how important communication in the hotel industry is to keep all operations running smoothly, it’s key to stay on top of the latest technology offerings and how they’re being used. Hospitality social media can be a helpful tool for keeping a pulse on what’s new in technology and beyond.

Here are 9 must-follow hospitality social media accounts:

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The hospitality industry may have been slow to pick up on some technology trends – looking at you, super-slow hotel WiFi – but it’s been making up for lost time by leading key tech trends instead of following them.

Hotel and resort chains are competing like never before on technology that elevates guest experiences, and some options are truly over the top – the rooftop that is. From robot butlers to, yes, a rooftop rainforest, let’s look at some ways the hospitality industry is stepping up its tech.

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If you’re looking to woo more guests to your property – and who isn’t? – a new survey suggests that stepping up your hotel wireless should be a candidate for the top of your to-do list: The Red Roof Inn survey says free and fast hotel wireless is more important to travelers than parking, complimentary breakfast or even location.

The survey of 800 economy and mid-tier travelers nationwide was conducted in late May 2016 by Research+Data Insights and commissioned by economy lodging leader Red Roof Inn. Respondents ranked free WiFi a close second only to cost as their top consideration when booking a hotel stay.

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Designer Alex Perry is one of the biggest names in Australian fashion, so you can imagine that the luxury Brisbane apartments and hotel that bear his name are works of art with an impeccable attention to detail, from the architecture all the way to the revolutionary hotel wi-fi solution.

“I’m fashioning apartment accommodation like I would a couture garment,” Perry says.

The hotel’s Ruckus Wireless system includes 140 wireless telephones across 12 floors that use the Ruckus R600 indoor 802.11ac wave 2 access points. This solution delivers both the guest Wi-Fi network and commercial grade telephony, as well as coverage for staff operations.

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A recent Cornell University survey has confirmed what you probably already know about your ever-more-connected customers: Hotel guests want to use their mobile devices in more ways than are currently available, so the demands on hotel wireless are greater than ever.

The survey, which is detailed in a report aptly named “The Mobile Revolution Is Here: Are You Ready?”, was conducted by the School of Hotel Administration’s Center for Hospitality Research. Researchers asked more than 750 smartphone owners about how they currently use their mobile devices when they travel and how they would use them if they had the choice.

Guests of all ages said they want to use their devices for almost everything you can imagine, from checking in to ordering room service. Some of the world’s largest hotel chains are already responding with wireless transformations.

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