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Batteries are designed and manufactured to ensure optimum radio performance. Still, battery capacity naturally decreases over time. These tips for caring for your two‑way radio battery are part of an overall plan for two‑way radio maintenance and troubleshooting that can keep your communications clear and reliable going forward.

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Disinfecting Guidelines from Motorola Solutions in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

PRODUCTS: Motorola Solutions Radios, Body-Worn Cameras and Accessories

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Motorola Solutions is providing recommended cleaning and disinfecting
guidelines for their two-way radios, body-worn cameras and accessories based on their current and best understanding of radio hygiene. Per global health authorities, removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces lowers the risk of spreading infection. Using chemical disinfectants may kill germs that remain on surfaces after cleaning, which further lowers the risk of spreading infection.

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Best Two-Way Radios for Hospitality

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, March 1, 2018

What are the best two-way radios for hospitality? 

Selecting the right radio in this business needs to be informed by specific job responsibilities: Sleek handhelds are often best for front desk staff, whereas ruggedized products are needed for facilities management. Security staff often need discreet devices to do their job best.

For each staff role, there are radios, accessories and applications available that offer a full range of features and functionality to keep operations running smoothly and guests happy.

With guest satisfaction in mind, below are the specific two-way radio models that are best for three major staff roles in hospitality. Experienced two-way radio service providers can also provide helpful specifications and advice when making a selection.

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A bluetooth speaker microphone is an excellent solution for keeping in constant contact with your mobile workforce while untethered from their vehicles. The best products deliver real-time communications wherever work may take users, saving time and ensuring safety, especially when seconds count.

With the right solution, you’ll instantly enhance the effectiveness of your mobile radios without compromising on audio quality and reliability, making the devices a great addition to your communications solution, whether you work in public safety, manufacturing, construction, or another industry.

Motorola's RLN6551 Long Range Wireless Kit with Vehicular Charger is a great option. This plug-and-play solution takes only seconds to set up. The RLN6551 includes the Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone with battery (RLN6544), the Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway (PMMN4097), and the Vehicular Charger (PMLN6716).

To find the best fit for your mobile workers, whether they’re in the field or on patrol, here are some top features of bluetooth speakers mics to keep top of mind.

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Once you’ve worked with your Motorola dealer to get the best MOTOTRBO radio solution for your business or agency, it's not uncommon to discover  that your team needs accessories to make the best use of that solution. While the right research can make it possible to anticipate most staff needs prior to purchasing your system, it's always a good idea to set aside a budget and process for ordering Motorola radio accessories after the radios are in use.

Why Use Motorola Radio Accessoris Instead Of a Different Brand

Motorola has engineered its accessories to match the specifications and intended uses of their radios. While other brands exist, professionals who've tried them with their MOTOTRBO devices often get mixed results. One side effect of non-Motorola add-ons is “chopper noise," as this YouTube demo shows.

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This past year has brought more attention to the technology and equipment that police officers use than ever before. With both public officials and the general population pushing for better technology, it is becoming a vital piece of any public safety strategy.

In response to this growth in demand, Motorola Solutions has launched a new body camera for police - the Si500 Video Speaker Microphone.

Is this new camera the right fit for you and your department? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Si500!

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For those currently using Intrinsically Safe two-way radios approved to the FM3610_88 standard, there are some changes being made by Motorola Solutions that will directly impact you.

The FM3610_88 may only be manufactured through the end of December 2015 - at which point the switch from FM to UL will begin. To help you understand this transition and what it means for you, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the change.

What does “Intrinsically Safe” actually mean?

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), “intrinsically safe” is an equipment design protection method for Division 1 which encompasses hazards that may be present under normal operating conditions - or,  frequently present during repair or standard maintenance work.

This term is especially relevant for those who operate in what are known as “hazardous locations.” These locations are areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist “due to flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings,” according to the NEC.

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Police officers on bicycles have become incredibly popular in urban environments across the country. They are seen at local festivals and events, but also maintain a presence throughout the city for a large portion of the year. This is due to the flexibility and efficiency of being on a bicycle – officers can maneuver through busy streets and traffic far easier than those in a car could, and also save a lot of money in the process (no gas needed for a bike!).

With the influx of two-wheel officers in our communities, it is essential to equip them with the proper communication tools needed to be just as responsive as they would be in a vehicle. The best solution for this is often two-way radio headsets.

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Two-way radios consistently prove to be an essential communication solution no matter the industry. The versatility of the system makes these devices applicable to school campuses, large hospitals, and even factories and warehouses. The wide range and strong reception permits radio users to receive and transmit information quickly, all while over reliable frequencies.

If you’ve been using radios in the workplace, you have likely experienced a spike in productivity stemming from more fluid communication. Radio systems simplify communication, enhancing coordination and efficiency. Overall, your decision to invest in this communication solution proves its worth rather quickly in the short term.

But what about the pay off in the long-run? Two-way radios expected seven year life span suggest that the value of the equipment will definitely result in a return on investment. The best way to protect your investment and maximize its functionality is thoroughly maintaining the headsets.

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Whether you are renting radios for your next summer event or you are a long-time owner of some Motorola digital two-way radios, you should know that the radio is actually just the first piece of the communications puzzle. What does that mean? Accessories.

Radio accessories are important to the experience you have with your radios, because they help enhance and customize your communications to your exact need. For example, those renting radios for a festival will be using their radios differently than workers in a manufacturing plant, and accessories help tailor that experience. While some users' top priority is a hands-free experience (that's where earpieces/headsets come in) others may place an emphasis on battery life.  

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