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The research is clear: School safety is not just a security issue, it’s an academic one. Students learn better and have better academic achievement when they’re confident in school safety and feel safe on school property.

Here we’ll take a closer look at one survey on the issue and review some options for technology – and financial assistance –  that schools have for making their campuses more safe. 

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As campus security concerns have changed over time across the country, so, too, has the response from education safety officials, including an increased reliance on school resource officers and police. As the number of officers in schools continues to rise, experts on both sides of the issue are still debating whether the increased police presence is improving campus security.

For now, there’s a lack of strong data one way or the other, and most people in the education safety industry will admit that they just don’t know for sure. What they do know is that the number of officers is up: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the share of schools with a school resource officer increased from 1 percent in 1975 to 40 percent in 2007. As of 2014, there were 31,000 school resource officers employed in public schools nationwide.

More research is under way about the effectiveness of having resource officers and police on campuses. Proponents say the officers protect students, act as mentors, parental figures and psychologists, and improve community relations with police.

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When it comes to school safety grants, funders are looking for well-defined plans with best-practice-based solutions. While each school and district is unique, there are some universal tools and technologies that can benefit most situations and set your grant application apart.

Asking for the right technology demonstrates both that you’ve done your homework and that you’re committed to finding innovative ways to use your funding efficiently.

Here are 5 proven technologies sure to bolster your school safety grant application:

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We thought we’d round up some of the top highlights this week in the Communication world and give them to you in one place. Check out some buzz worthy stories happening in the wireless communication, hospitality, and public safety world!

1) Public Safety Grants: The Assistance to Firefighters Grant deadline is TODAY! Be sure to check out the FEMA website if you haven’t already. If you’ve ran out of time for this grant, don’t worry. There’s a few more with deadlines that are soon approaching. Be sure to check out Grants for Public Safety’s website to see if you qualify for any of these grants!

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Get your grant money before it's all gone!

Posted by Kendra Newlon on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As we wrapped up Customer Service week here at Chicago Communications just a few weeks ago, it was hard not to notice the corporate responsibility that Motorola displays throughout the year with police, fire departments, and other safety sectors.

The public safety communication company is a big advocate for helping these agencies offset many costs that are vital to improvements of systems and equipment that keep us safe 24/7. As the end user, we don’t see the thousands of dollars it takes to keep a 911 center up and running – we just know we should be able to count on them whenever we have an emergency.

Motorola Solutions has helped out the Public Safety sector in numerous countries.  Some examples include providing fire alarms to low-income households in Taiwan, training citizens in local communities for disaster relief in the Philippines, providing training on investigative crime analysis in South America, helping citizens report crime information anonymously in New York, and worked with border patrol to help keep the Canada/US border secure. Motorola also pulled through for various natural disasters throughout the United States last year.

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The Federal Sequestration’s Effect on Fire Departments

     As of March 1, FEMA's budget has been cut by 5% because of the sequestration order. (The sequestration is the employment of automatic, across-the-board spending cuts in the face of annual budget deficits.) The greatest cut comes from disaster-relief programs, which is set to lose more than $900 million.  The effects this will have on the following years are not completely clear yet, but there are a few things we can expect if a deal is not reached. 

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In response to our previous article on 2 Reasons Grants Are On Hold, here is another update to help you understand and utilize grant funding.

As stated in the FY 2013 National Prepareness Grant Program, FY 2012 grants will prepare grantees for the transition to new requirements in FY 2013 in the following ways:

• Begin the process of transitioning from 16 separate preparedness grant programs in FY 2011 to a more streamlined model within the construct of the FY 2012 appropriations.

• Continuing the transition to address the core capabilities outlined in the National Preparedness Goal.

• Implement a two year period of performance with very limited extensions.

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2 Reasons Grant Announcements Are On Hold

Posted by Jill McNamara on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Update On Grant Monies for 2013 

     Every day I monitor over 30 web sites for federal agencies that handle grants.  Other than the upcoming grant information session sponsored by Motorola and their 'Government Grants' site, there has been slim to none infomation bulletins or news releases addressing the availability of 2013 Grant monies.  Of course we have two major items that the Government is dealing with - the fiscal cliff and the inauguration -- that are causing announcements to be postponed.

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NTIA Outlines the $135 Million in Grant money for the Nations Public SafetyBroadband Network

     A recent entry in the Federal Register lays out the use of $135 Million going to each state and what it can be used for. Basically, it will be used by the States to create their business plan and perform the necessary inventory audits. IT CAN’T BE USED TO START THE BUILDOUT OF THEIR NETWORK/S.

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Public Safety Grant Monies May Remain With the Feds

By:  RCN Consulting LLC

     The Department of Homeland Security ( DHS) have just released a report showing the amounts of grant monies that have been awarded but not drawn down by State, County, Local, Non-Profits and Private Sectors companies from 2007 to 2011.

      The 2012 Preparedness Grants contain many changes in the rules and funding categories.  DHS further announces that other new deadlines for drawing down 2007-2011 remaining funds are being enacted.  DHS is transitioning to a new grants vision and will be consolidating some programs in preparation for the new model. 

      The new guiding documents for FY2012 can be accessed at the DHS website.  Your state SAA has been provided guidance to assist each department with remaining grant funding.

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