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ChiComm Employee Spotlight:Kurt Hessler   

       As an active principal at Chicago Communications, Kurt is in charge of Sales & Service. His role can be spelled out different ways: he puts together business plans, reviews all contracts, and makes sure both sales & service are moving in the right direction (to meet the company’s objectives from those business plans). Kurt's job also involves re-evaluating & forming new strategies as business changes—"because business always changes and we have to change with it and be prepared in advance of these changes," he says. Kurt networks and reads a great deal to see where the industry trends are going and from that he develops business plans to make sure ChiComm is staying on target with those trends.

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Employee Appreciation:A Little Extra Goes A Long Way

     Every person wants to feel part of something – a family, a group of friends, a team, or if an employee, the company they work for.  As an owner of a company, the challenge is, and always has been, how to make employees feel part of a team.  Many of the articles written on the subject say it’s the “little things”.  And you know what?  It is.

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Employee Spotlight: Joe Sopron

     Every office has at least one. They're a source of guidance—a relief to your frustration. Surely there's been more than one occasion you've been in dire need of this person. I'm of course referring to the IT person. At Chicago Comm that "guy" is Joe. Whether its building a computer from scratch, loading it with the necessary programs or recovering those lost files from a 'crash', Joe is the one we rely on. For all of us not quite so inclined to all the rapid changes in software or "how to fix that thing", Joe is our means of support. "When someone has a problem or can't do something, I help them figure it out." Sounds so simple, right? It surely seems to be for him. Regardless if it's yelling at the computer or the endless headaches we would get from trying to figure it out ourselves, we are thankful for the rescue. So it's fitting that when I asked Joe what he likes most about his job, he replied, "I get to do a lot of different things, but the biggest thing is I like helping people, both in my personal life and in my career."

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Jenny Streit

     If a gem is a person held in great esteem, Jenny is one of ChiComm's gems for sure. She has been working for ChiComm her entire career and working here wouldn't be the same without her. Not to mention, our service as a structure, would fall apart without Jenny. Running the dispatch center takes not only patience(and a whole lot of it) but also a persistent desire for the job. A majority of our relationships with customers rely on the communications and coordination Jenny orchestrates day in and day out. 

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Meet Mary, The "Mother of the Office"

Posted by Jill McNamara on Friday, December 9, 2011

ChiComm Employee Spotlight: Mary Smerz

     If our company was a family (which some already like to think of it as) then Mary would be the Mother of the office. When people need something they come to Mary for help and it's been that way for the majority of her 34 years with Chicago Communications. When she started at the Schiller park shop she was only hired to come in and help for a couple hours a day. But as time went on, Mary's role began to grow and she got involved in more parts of the business.

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Our Customer Service Expert

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Customer Service Expert

Linda has worked at ChiComm for over 25 years. Dave O'Brien hired her in 1986 when Jerry Bear owned the company. She started as a member of the reception and customer service personnel in the Elk Grove shop but as time passed she took on many other responsibilities and roles within the company including collections, billing & payroll in addition to many other miscellaneous tasks that a customer service position can bring. She wore multiple hats as one might say. She's stayed at Chicago Communications because of the flexibility she's given to do her job and the long lasting friendships she's made over the years with co-workers.

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ChiComm Employee Spotlight

     Cindy Glashagel attended University of Illinois and Lake Forest College, earning  a degree in Math and Computer Science.  She also earned an MBA from Northern Illinois University, and a masters in International Business from Roosevelt University. She worked for Motorola for over 20 years and became a Principal of Chicago Communications, LLC in 2004. The pictures in this article are of a Motorola project she participated in that built the St. Joseph Child Development Center playground in 2002. [The following is told in her own words.]

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