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As the Marketing Director at Chicago Communications, Lisa MacGillivray is responsible for building the company's brand. That includes managing everything from advertising to ChiComm's website and social media pages. In the end, her goal is to make sure future customers know what ChiComm has to offer.

"My job is always evolving, that’s my favorite part," she says. "Marketing teams today have to be content creators, website designers, and Google algorithm experts. The communication industry is also changing quickly. We now have digital two‑way radios, radios with WiFi capability, and radios with nationwide coverage."

Lisa's ability to keep pace with ever‑expanding technology and communication devices is exactly what makes her so good at her job. She's kept her finger on the pulse of communication needs and solutions for more than 12 years at ChiComm—and for several years at Maytag International before that.

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