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Where would we be without WiFi? It seems as if it would be nearly impossible to function at the same capacity and speed without it. We’ve even come to expect accessible networks to exist everywhere. Pretty much any place that has moments where you are required to wait, i.e. coffee shop, airport, even a doctor’s office, we almost naturally urge to connect to the local wireless network. Wireless networks’ ability to instantly connect us to the internet has made us more dependent than ever on this ever-changing and constantly growing technology.

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Remember the good old days when there were only viruses, and the only way you can get one is if you went online to some obscure website and downloaded it, or if someone handed you a floppy disk with a file that was infected from their computer. If you had virus software it was caught and you went about your business unscathed. Back then the reasoning behind viruses was the same as the reasoning behind taggers, to express “art” and be noticed. It’s different today; we have viruses, trojans, malware, ransomware, hackers, and cyber mafia.

While any one of these can corrupt your system, ransomware stands out. Ransomware has become a very profitable business for some. It was developed by the cyber mafia, a tech savvy version of the crime mafia, looking to receive notoriety for the action and to make a good buck while doing so.

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5 Quick Tips on Securely Using Wi-Fi

Posted by Kendra Newlon on Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It’s hard to remember a time where there wasn’t free Wi-Fi available virtually in every public place. Some see this as a blessing – access to the internet and all things wireless at the push of a button. But some see it as a curse – just one more channel of access to hack into your personal files, obtaining everything from bank account numbers to social security numbers.

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"So you are the IT Manager and you were just put in charge of the radio communications..."

Sound familiar?

I recently glanced through an article in the new (November 2013) Public Safety Communications Magazine from APCO. The title of the article “Communications Manager or IT Manager?” made me think of our own business. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a radio technician or IT technician…electronics is electronics, right? I wish I could say it was that easy.

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