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Should You Rent or Own Your Two-Way Radios?

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Rent VS Own" is one of the most common dilemmas people face in life. Should we be tenants or home owners? Should we lease this car or buy it? Should I just rent this movie or buy a copy? In most cases, there isn't a right wrong answer with this dilemma, as it truly relies on the unique situation you find yourself in. Believe it or not, this is actually the case when it comes to communication and two-way radios.

If you are looking into improving your communication with wireless technology, you've probably come across information about two-way radios. You may even be completely sold on them already, but you just aren't sure if you should rent them or own them. To help you make that decision, here is a quick look at some of the most popular reasons to buy or rent radios. 

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The moment your assembly line stops, profitability goes down. Even a small pause in work can cause delays throughout the chain, which in turn causes losses. This is why manufacturing managers across the world spend much of their time researching and implementing new ways to limit downtime and improve efficiency.

One of the best ways that manufacturers are improving their efficiency is by improving their communications through the use of digital two-way radios. To illustrate how these radios can make such a difference, here are two scenarios - the first one without two-way radios, the second one with.

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We live and work in an era that will most likely go down as a time where we all became more connected than ever. Think about it – smartphones, tablets, and computers have completely changed the way in which we communicate with each other. Not only do we personally benefit from the ability to connect with friends and family across the globe in a matter of seconds, but we all benefit professionally, as well.

Business-critical communications have evolved over the years and are now at the point that mobile workers can connect with others regardless of their physical location or even their network. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of our work.

The technology is readily available for organizations to adopt, however, corporate infrastructure and IT spending is constantly under pressure. So, the challenge for decision makers is no longer “how do we connect our employees?” – the challenge is now “how do we most effectively and affordably connect our employees?”

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Are you wondering how a communications solution can help your organization? Many people across many industries are looking into adopting a communications solution to help them stay safe, become more efficient, and reduce costs. Here are the ways radio and network communications solutions can benefit you and your industry.


School buildings and campuses become safe and efficient when the staff can communicate effectively. Creating an environment where students are always safe and can focus on learning is the core objective for schools around the country. In order to do this, schools need to adopt a comprehensive communications strategy that includes radio, network, security, and video solutions.

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When Wireless Communication Isn't Enough

Posted by Kendra Newlon on Friday, April 4, 2014

Intrinsically Safe.

For someone who doesn’t eat and breathe the two way radio world, this term is probably foreign to you. However, it is vital to not only the upkeep and lifetime of a radio, but also crucial to the radio user’s safety.

The retail, hospitality, public safety, and education markets all can benefit from the use of two way radios. ROI is great, offers many different options, and provides clear communication amongst users. But what about those in the manufacturing field, those that are around dangerous chemicals, high temperatures, or other dangerous elements? They deserve not only the same quality of communication that other markets have available, but also should feel protected while using them. 

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Plus the Top 10 Losing Warehouse Strategies And How To Avoid Them    

 There are many types of manufacturing sectors out there, from transportation (airplanes, cars, trains, etc.) to raw materials (steel mills, rubber, etc.), but the two leading factors driving ALL manufacturing companies and warehouses is Productivity and Efficiency. From the warehouse floor to product delivery, workers need access to information in real time to help automate operations and ultimately create a seamless, error-proof work environment.

Because the production line CAN'T stop...reliable communication is critical. Here are a few scenarios where two way radios prove they're valuable place in the warehouse. (Followed by the guide for 'How to Avoid the Top 10 Losing Warehouse Strategies', as promised.)

Scenario #1:

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