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Will a Wifi Range Extender Help?

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

If slow or spotty WiFi caused by poor connectivity is plaguing your office or building, a WiFi range extender could be just what the doctor wifi-2-4.jpgordered.

An extender will do just what you’d expect – extend the range of your WiFi signal. It will improve connection stability and health for computers and other devices throughout a desired coverage area, eliminating dreaded dead zones.

Will a WiFi range extender help in your situation? Take these steps to determine the answer to that question.

Exhaust Other Options First

When you’re investigating how to boost WiFi signal where you need it, there are a few troubleshooting basics to try first, including:

  • moving your router out into the open and elevating it
  • putting distance between your router and devices or obstructions that might interfere with its signal
  • replacing or adding an antenna.

If you’ve tried those steps and your signal still lags, it may be time to try an extender, also known as a repeater. 

Know How a WiFi Range Extender Works

An extender works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and retransmitting the boosted signal to hard-to-reach places.  An extender should instantly improve WiFi coverage and reliability.

Make Sure the Installation is Correct

Extenders aren’t difficult to set up and configure, and they offer the same levels of security as traditional routers.

There are several steps to keep in mind that will make proper installation even easier:

  • Make sure your extender and router are on the same frequency, either a 2.4 or 5Ghz band. A dual-band extender will cover both and help to minimize speed loss.
  • Remember location, location, location. You want your extender close enough to the router to pick up the signal and close enough to dead zones to bring them back to life.

Connectivity: Cured

With easy installation and a generally affordable price tag, a WiFi range extender can be an ideal solution for improving wireless internet access for computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices at your facility. If in-building cell phone coverage or two-way radio range is your issue, you'll want to research solutions such as a distributed antenna system or signal booster.

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