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Teldio's TruFleet is Now iBeacon Compatible for Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, August 4, 2016

Monitoring your mobile workforce wherever their work takes them – whether outdoors or indoors – just got easier thanks to TruFleet’s new compatibility with iBeacon Bluetooth technology. The TruFleet tracking system, used across industries for its ability to track MotoTRBO radios on the go, now offers seamless integration between iBeacon and GPS to locate workers as they move between vehicles and environments.

Trufleet.pngWith TruFleet, workers’ location within 30-foot accuracy can be viewed in real time via a web browser on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones. Dispatchers can “ping” radios to get an immediate update on their position, and text and status messages can be sent back and forth between dispatchers and radios for easy exchanges of information about traffic or appointment changes.

As your business, campus or organization grows, the solution can be tailored to meet your needs with easy scalability. As with any application, professional installation is your best bet, and you can expect your installation and deployment to take just a few hours.

Let’s take a look at TruFleet’s enhanced versatility:

When Workers Are on the Road

On the go, TruFleet is powered by GPS technology. Its tiled web maps can be configured using Google Roadmap, MapQuest Streets or imported through geo-registered PDF images such as mine sites or large plants.

When Workers Go Inside

With the new compatibility with iBeacon, a user’s location is displayed on the web browser as their MotoTRBO radio pairs and un-pairs with strategically placed iBeacons inside. The wireless iBeacons produce Bluetooth signals that have a range of up to 100 feet, depending on the environment. With a battery life of three to five years, the iBeacons offer durability you can trust. Note that the MotoTRBO E series radio is required for indoor tracking.

As Workers Change Locations

Depending on the user’s location, the TruFleet application seamlessly switches back and forth between GPS and Bluetooth.

When Workers are in Trouble

Other than location services, TruFleet offers a number of features aimed at keeping workers safe, including:

  • An audible alert that’s raised when a vehicle activates an emergency message. The vehicle’s location is also automatically centered on the browser map;
  • Automatic email alerts that can be set up if users activate an emergency alarm or travel outside of a pre-set geofence;
  • Integration with MotoTRBO’s Man Down application. With Man Down, radios can be set to automatically sound an alert if they’re tilted at a precarious angle (from 20 to 90 degrees) for a period of time or if no movement is detected for a while;
  • The ability to track unsafe behavior such as speeding or idling for extended periods of time. 

When It Comes Time for Reporting

TruFleet’s location data isn’t just available in real time, it’s stored and can be displayed for users by time and date. You can use the ongoing odometer information to generate a maintenance report about when a vehicle is due for service. And importing users’ movements and paths into a report can help you decide whether alternate routes may be faster or more effective.

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