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Some people are calling it “The Great Resignation.” 

Tags: Video Surveillance

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“Where can I find the ivory white begonias?” 

“Can you help me find perennials that will grow in my shady yard?” 

Imagine working in an enormous greenhouse in springtime, as everyone emerges from the Midwest winter hibernation and wants to buy plants and grow things.

Tags: Two Way Radios, Push to Talk

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Case Study: Secure Park District Communications

Posted by Randy Swets on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

When we think of parks and recreational areas, we think of being in nature, experiencing peace and serenity. We go there to clear our minds, stroll with friends, or picnic with our families. 

When a park is managed right, visitors don’t have to worry about whether the park is safe and secure.

Keeping park facilities and visitors safe is the job of the park district, along with their communications provider.

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