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The Future Is Now: Communications Solutions That Keep You Up‑to‑Date with a Changing World

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The-Future-Is-Now-Communications-Solutions-That-Keep-You-Up-to-Date-with-a-Changing-WorldHow do we stay up‑to‑date in a world that is changing so fast?

The questions we get from customers are as different as the people who ask them.

  • How do we get better coverage?
  • How can we get one part of campus to talk with the other?
  • How can a factory manager learn and react to a situation on the line?
  • How can we hear each other more clearly instead of that garbled sound?
  • How do we stay in touch with a fleet of truck drivers? Bus drivers?
  • How do we keep shelves stocked in a pandemic?
  • How do we deal with the supply chain issues?


And the biggie: How do we stay safe at work and in our communities?

The answer to almost any question we get is “better communication.”

Communication technology alone won’t completely solve every one of those issues, but in each case, communication technology has evolved to assist teams in communicating better, faster, and more seamlessly.

The way we see it, the less they need to think about the equipment the better. Two‑way radio communication has changed the way we communicate. It’s keeping us safer, and it’s possible to upgrade your system these days without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of the innovative products that represent some of the more recent engineering breakthroughs.

Public Safety Radios

After several heartbreaking attacks in recent months, we are all thinking about public safety these days. I think we can all agree that there’s no room for error when it comes to the lives of children and employees. So we want to get the very best, most reliable equipment into the hands of the people charged with public safety.

We’re really pleased with the performance of the Motorola APX Next public safety radios. These are rugged radios designed for military standards. You can use them with or without gloves, and in rain, dirt, or dust. It has a mission‑critical touch screen, super clear audio and digital mics, a virtual assistant, and high‑speed location tracking. 

Commercial Radios

Businesses also rely on communications. It can be tricky to find budget‑friendly radios that do everything they need to do, even in noisy conditions.

A product that is performing well in commercial settings is MOTORTBOR7, a rugged radio that does a great job with noise cancellation. It’s really useful in noisy environments like busy retail settings and manufacturing facilities. 

Video Surveillance

We have also seen an amazing amount of innovation in the field of video surveillance. For example, safety at many schools is being enhanced by the use of smart surveillance cameras like Avigilon. These new cameras can be stationed where humans can’t. They provide images in real time or afterward, for law enforcement. They are able to use analytics and send an alert to the right people in a matter of seconds. 

They can even scan temperatures and help with social distancing protocols — two things we couldn’t have imagined we’d need a couple years ago..  

Safety Reimagined

It still sounds almost like the stuff of science fiction, but Motorola’s Safety Reimagined system is a game changer for many people with communications challenges. Basically this integrated platform takes radio, video, and analytics and ties them all together into a powerful, seamless system.

It makes security more efficient in every way. In the old days, somebody would have to sit and monitor video camera feeds to try to catch something that shouldn’t be happening. Analytics means that cameras can detect and alert the right people, including the authorities. Artificial Intelligence can recognize faces or license plates of known bad guys. Having all the pieces combined together gives you like a true package—it just makes everything just easier. 

New Technology, Experienced Technicians

Of course, all the new technology in the world won’t help if there aren’t experienced people to install, troubleshoot, service, and consult on how to solve communication problems.

Another way the world is changing is that people are quitting their jobs and moving on. It’s not like our parents’ and grandparents’ generations where people had a job for 50 years and then retired. 

When it comes to choosing a communications technology provider, I’d recommend looking for one that has an experienced team of technicians and a hands‑on approach. People who have been in this business for a long time have been on the front lines of astonishing changes. 

Knowing where we’ve been helps us chart where we’re headed.

That kind of experience is priceless.

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