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CBRS LTE: The Security and Power of Crossing Platforms

Posted by Cathy Kulnig-Dastice on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

CBRS-LTE-The-Security-and-Power-of-Crossing-PlatformsWe are entering a new era of unified communications, where systems like Motorola’s Safety Reimagined are able to facilitate communication — not just across devices but among different communications platforms.

In the old days, platforms served as barriers, and you couldn’t cross talk among bands. These days, evolving technology is erasing those barriers, for a seamless communication experience.

Unified Communication

Most businesses rely on many disparate systems and technologies to fulfill their missions. 

When different departments were using different devices, networks, and tech systems, communication used to be tricky. Information was siloed, and not everyone who needed critical information was getting it. 

Motorola has been refining its end-to-end communications suite to unify its two-way radios with 

CBRS broadband technology. This is a solution that is providing safer work environments and smoother functioning for interdepartmental communication.

What Is CBRS?

Certain organizations, such as national defense agencies and particular industries, choose to communicate using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) instead of WiFi. CBRS is an LTE wireless network, which means long-term evolution, a standard for wireless broadband communication that increases capacity and speed using a different radio interface and core network improvements.

The Federal Communications Commission created CBRS for shared wireless broadband use of the 3550-3700 MHz band (3.5 GHz band). Essentially, CBRS provides a licensed radio frequency spectrum for specified users. CBRS benefits national defense agencies and industrial applications and enhances especially indoor applications where there is often a shortage of reliable frequencies.

CBRS has advantages over WiFi in some cases, especially large networks. It is on the licensed spectrum, instead of the shared WiFi spectrum. Because so many mobile devices are being used indoors, some networks can’t keep up with coverage needs. CBRS can be used over wider areas than WiFi to expand capacity, and is especially useful indoors. 

Signal Boosting with CBRS

As the numbers of applications, users, and devices grow, commercial enterprises are joining the military in using CBRS for more coverage and capacity. 

CBRS is being used to run reliable LTE networks that support multiple devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices like smart meters, real‑time surveillance systems, and safety monitors. 

Supercharge Communication with NITRO

Businesses and industries are also enjoying more seamless multi-media communication using private CBRS LTE solutions. Using a cloud-based portal such as MOTORTRBO Nitro, voice, data, and video are all delivered across devices. This system has up to four times the capacity and twice the range of WiFi.  

Safety Reimagined

Motorola’s Safety Reimagined is a system that lives up to its name. It’s the communications solution for organizations that truly want to tie together two‑way radios, video, data, and analytics. 

Safety Reimagined is what is known as an “integrated ecosystem” that is tied together by a cloud-based software called Orchestrate. More and more hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and other organizations are using this type of ecosystem to facilitate mission-critical communications. 

Imagine a circle with Safety Reimagined at the center, and all the aspects of a facility connected through it: mission-critical communications, command center, managed and support services, and video security and access control. 


How does it work? In case of a threat to people or property, this technology will

  1. Detect and identify threats

  2. Analyze and evaluate dangerous situations

  3. Connect workgroups across devices and platforms that need to respond

  4. Respond and document issues.

Workers get to focus on their jobs because the technology helps streamline everything. And it’s all managed by a single, trusted service provider. 

No One Size Fits All

Whether you are working with CBRS LTE or WiFi, Safety Reimagined is a technological solution that is breaking down the barriers that used to be there.

It’s not something you buy off the shelf or google and find a cheap deal from China, though.

Communication is key to keeping workers and facilities safe and operating smoothly, so it’s a good idea to talk to a two-way radio service provider about what your needs are now, and what type of growth you anticipate. 

Let the age of unification begin.