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Is It Time for a Communications System Upgrade?

Posted by Mike Wierzba on Thursday, August 10, 2023


When a company grows, its radio equipment needs to grow along with it. Over time, coverage may become spotty, or there simply aren’t enough devices to go around. This likely doesn’t mean the whole system needs an overhaul; instead, it’s a time to reevaluate your radios’ current setup and use, as well as your future goals.

Identifying the problem

When two-way radios are not meeting a company’s communication needs (and after making sure radios are charged and properly programmed), it’s likely you’re dealing with one of the most common reasons a system is underperforming:

  • The equipment you’re using is old and worn out.
  • Your organization has grown physically by expanding an existing facility or adding a new one.
  • Your company has hired more employees.
  • Your organization has additional needs that require features that aren’t compatible with your current radio models.

Designing a solution

When an upgrade is necessary, and you understand why, the next step is making an informed purchase. It’s not enough, and often not possible, to buy more of what you already have.

Ideally, your company can partner with an expert in radio communication systems to come in for a site walk. A site walk means more than just counting how many new radios, batteries, or features are needed; instead, it’s also a full evaluation of a live production environment to get a sense of how, when, and why a radio system is being used.

The type of information gathered includes:

  • An inspection of current equipment for functionality. Sometimes, only a small change is necessary, like replacing antennas.
  • Looking into any active warranties for the radios and their accessories.
  • An understanding of who uses a radio and where. Maybe not everyone needs a radio, and an easily accessible communications base will serve just as well.
  • Identifying where repeaters will be more effective, ideally with one on wheels, is used to precisely pinpoint the area(s) where signals need boosting.
  • A sense of future needs – is there a plan to hire more people or add a wing to the facility? This way, a company doesn’t need to upgrade again in a couple of years.

All of this information leads to a recommendation of what to use to expand the system within your budget.

Expert support you can trust

When you partner with a trusted radio communication expert, rather than purchasing online, you can be sure that the products you’re buying can be serviced without voiding the warranty and meet any FCC license requirements.

At Chicomm, we know that it takes more than just the best equipment to ensure a successful system—it takes the best implementation team available to help you design the right radio system for your current and future needs. For a comprehensive consultation – contact us!


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