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Can You Repeat That? Addressing Poor Two Way Radio Sound Quality

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, July 30, 2015

The only thing that is more annoying that having to ask someone to repeat his or herself is being the person Two_Way_Radio_Educationthat actually has to do it. When communicating over radio, occasionally being unable to hear a message is acceptable. But if miscommunication is frequent, then factors that could contribute to the problem should be evaluated.

In a workplace that uses communication solutions like two way radios, one expects the technology to enhance productivity rather than restrict it. Using handsets that have poor sound quality are counterproductive but addressing the issue can be an easy fix.  

Why Am I Experiencing Diminished Sound Quality?

If you are experiencing poor sound quality while using your two way radio system there may be a few explanations.

  • There may be internal issues with the hardware, specifically with the microphone

  • Units may not be set up on the same bandwidth. If some radios are narrowbanded while others are widebanded, the use of different frequencies may interfere with the ability to effectively transmit messages across devices

  • If multiple handsets are on a channel and only one radio experiences poor quality, it is likely to be that specific unit rather than the entire system

  • Inconstant and poor sound quality across multiple units within the same area may be a sign that the system is contributing to the problem

Best Practices for Using Two Way Radios

  • Try to hold your two way radio two inches away from your mouth while speaking

  • Use good volume while speaking to make sure that your message is heard

  • Be sure to firmly press down on the button until you are finished speaking to guarantee that your message is fully transmitted

Other tips for improving the sound quality of your system includes taking care of the devices. Proper maintenance can reduce the chances of damages to the radios, making them last as long as possible. Daily maintenance of the actually handset as well as good battery practices can indirectly help with sound quality.

Questions for Assessing Equipment

  • Can other handsets clearly hear your message?

  • Can you clearly hear messages from other handsets?

These simple questions can give you the insight you need to determine if it is one particular radio that should be removed from the system or if the entire system needs to be replaced. 

In the case that you have to replace any two way radio equipment, consider Chicago Communication to fulfill your communication needs.


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