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Why Two-Way Radios Are Essential for Improving Factory Communications

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

why-two-way-radios-are-essential-for-improving-factory-communicationsIn any manufacturing plant there are a lot of moving parts, involving people, processes, and equipment, and safety and security are paramount. Sources indicate that in 2017 alone, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers, translating to 2.8 cases per 100 full-time equivalent workers.

Not staying informed about what’s happening on the floor can wreak havoc on operations. Two-way radios are key to factory communications and keeping employees and equipment safe.

Performance beyond cell phones

To accomplish this, relying on cell phones and pagers is not prudent. These devices are prone to poor reception, and taking the time to connect multiple parties, relay information, and coordinate processes can reduce efficiency. In addition, cell phones pose risk with limited battery power, background noise, and weakened security. Moreover, they’re an expensive option when it comes to factory communications.

Benefits of two-day radios

Two-way radios on the other hand offer a more efficient, dependable solution for many reasons.

Push-to-talk. For starters, two-way radios allow for push-to-talk communications. Connections are instant with the click of a button, rather than incurring the lost time of dialing a cell phone and waiting for a response. In situations of plant safety and security this immediacy can save lives.

Communication to all. Further, two-way radios provide the capability of talking to many parties at once with the push of a button. And they can connect to radios, cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and landlines. They can be equipped with an Emergency Alert feature, which provides a “panic button” to connect with other radios, including to first responders.

They can also be outfitted with a “Man Down” feature, which sends an alert if no movement is detected by the user for a certain amount of time.

Better coverage. With two-way radios for factory communications, there are no dead spots or concern over the location or overload of cell towers for reception. There are no network outages, and reception is clear and dependable no matter the situation.

Plus the quality of those calls are higher. Two-ways radios have noise-cancelling technology, which can eliminate disruption of nearby machines, wind, and other people.

Improved focus. Two-way radios are also designed specifically for voice communication. This means they do not have the distraction of cell phones that are also used for multiple applications, texting, social media, and accessing the Internet. These things can clutter the communication, creating confusion and delays, when what is needed is instant contact.

Guaranteed backup. For factories that rely heavily on landlines, two-way radios can provide a secure backup in case of severe weather or other emergencies that can interfere with phone lines.

Improved safety. Finally, with two-way radios, manufacturing professionals can ensure greater safety for all factory operations. When equipment or machinery malfunctions, alerts can be generated by users or the machine itself, minimizing the damage or danger. Notifications can be sent immediately with less time than it takes to make a cell phone or landline call, and a response can be coordinated and streamlined shaving off valuable seconds in emergency situations.

In the manufacturing world, as in many industries, two-way radios are simply an intelligent and safe choice for improving interdepartmental communications. When it comes to factory communications, they can be the difference between smooth, safe and efficient operations, versus workplace injuries and high-risk situations.

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