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What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Monday, April 11, 2016

It's a question pondered by job seekers, trainees, and seasoned businesspeople alike—not to mention customers themselves: "What does customer service mean to you?"

what-does-customer-service-mean-to-you.jpgAt Chicago Communications, we're in a good position to define great customer service skills, because our clients work in some of the most high-pressure customer service situations: they're first responders, educators, manufacturers, hotel and hospital workers, and more.

For many of them, providing good customer service means making a critical difference when it matters most, whether they're saving a life, teaching a child to read, building a product that consumers can depend on, or providing a weary traveler with comfortable accommodations.

For us, being the wireless communication integrator for our clients means playing an important role in their ability to serve their own customers, because they use our data and voice solutions to have barrier-free communication with their team and their customers. And as you'll read below, most people agree communication is at the heart of good customer service.

What Does Customer Service Mean To You? The ChiComm Team Answers

We've learned a lot over the years about what it takes to make customers happy - and we created this video to share what we've learned about great customer service skills. You'll also find the complete text of the video below:

"Customer service, to me, is giving the customer what they need and that little extra," says Jim Lambrecht, Chicago Sales and Service Director. "We all know a customer is the most important person in any business and we are dependent upon them. I believe if we treat a customer with respect, educate them on the product and provide solutions for their needs, we will be competitive. Knowing your customers and forming a relationship, being accessible, answering phones, getting answers, providing value beyond money in the bank is the little extra that makes the difference. That's what I hope to achieve with all my customers, and I understand the outcome if I don't."

"Customer service to me is about doing the right thing," says Cindy Glashagel, Principal. "It’s about treating a customer as they would expect to be treated, and as you yourself would want to be treated. Deep down, every customer wants to feel like they are your only and most important customer, and that’s exactly the feeling we should always strive to achieve with each and every one of ours."

"When a customer is not happy, our company and its personnel take it personally," says Barbara Concialdi, Director of Maintenance and Contract Services. "Achieving customer satisfation is striving for excellence in every possible way."

"What it means to me is being there for my customers and doing whatever it takes to get the job done," says Cathy Kulnig, Account Manager. "Letting them know I am not here just to sell them something I am here to provide solutions. Going the extra mile because it matters to me and hopefully to them. I enjoy what I do and being good at what I do hopefully is a value to them."  

"Total customer satisfaction can only be achieved when the customer's needs and wants are met at the level they expect," says Kurt Hessler, Principal. "Thorough communication with the customer, both pre- and post-service, allows one to define the expectations and establish the benchmarks to measure against."

"To me, the best customer service is anticipating the customer's needs before they arrise," says Jill McNamara, Internet Marketing Coordinator. "By listening to the customer really well and helping them without them asking you to, you're providing service they can truly value."

"Without customer service, we wouldn't have the core of our business," says Emory Ludtke III, Shop Supervisor.

"Customer service, to me, is providing the extra step that's taken for the customer that makes them look and go, 'Wow, they went above and beyond what they really had to do and gave me more value to the service they provided," says Tom Treichler, Director of Sales & Service.

"Customer service is doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy," says Linda Green, Credit and Collections Representative. "Sometimes it's as simple as listening. You always want to make the customer happy enough to comeback."

"Helping the customer from beginning to end and having all the answers and solutions to any questions they may have," says Nancy Rezman, Inside Sales Support Provider.

"What customer service means to me is that the customer always walks away having a postive experience," says Lisa Macgillivray, Marketing Director. "So no matter how many times they interact with the company, you want to make sure that they always walk away feeling good."

Tell Us How We're Doing

During Customer Service Week each October and year-round, we always want to make sure our energies are focused in the right direction—toward our customers. If you're one of our customers, please let us know: Are we meeting your expectations? How can we make your experience better? We always welcome your feedback—please use our contact form or call our customer feedback hotline at 630.832.3311, option 6.

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