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'Walkie Talkies' Are An MVP in GLX SnoCross Racing

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Way Radios Ensure Safety of SnoCross Racing Officials & Racerssnocross two way radios resized 600

Great Lakes Snocross (GLX) teaches the sport of SnoXracing in a safe and positive environment and is known as the “Southern most Snocross organization” in the country. GLX is a Not for Profit organization and one big extended family with everyone helping each other with parts, repairs, and support throughout the season.  Racing occurs pretty much every weekend from January to mid-March, with practices taking place a couple evenings during the week. Chicago Communications has been supplying the organization with rental radios and equipment for the past 5 years. The radios are used on the track by all of the crew members, who also use ear muff headsets to eliminate the noise of the snowmobiles during communications.  The track crew consists of workers at designated positions around the track who start the races, watch for accidents and flag riders by waving yellow flags to slow/avoid, watch for illegal moves made by riders which may cause him/her to be disqualified, and monitor the finish line.  The radios enable the workers to talk with each other before, during, and after races, as well as communicate with on-site emergency medical staff, and the race announcer and race director in the track tower.  Essentially, they make full communication possible throughout every race event.

      Previously GLX used old Kenwood radios that did not provide nearly the quality and reliability the Motorola rental radios do. In the years we’ve been supplying the radios to the organization, the radios are dropped off at the track and are used for the duration of the three month season. Mike Malueg, who started out like most in the organization as a participant with kids who race, has been in charge of running GLX for the past few years.   "Communication is an extremely important requirement for GLX operations.  Our team of 14 race officials need the ability to efficiently and reliably communicate in some of the most extreme weather conditions.  Temperatures vary from 50 degrees to as low as -5, with wind, rain, sleet, and snow all being factors in our ability to collaborate effectively during races. Chicago Communications has been providing GLX two-way radios for several years and despite any weather condition, the radios have never let us down, 100% uptime!  Because of Chicago Communications, our operations run smooth and efficient while providing our race officials with the information they need to ensure safety for themselves and our racers." -Mike Malueg 

Racers age ranges have been from 3-4 years of age to adults and from small snowmobiles to big ones. Many of the GLX racers have raced and/or are currently racing in National Snocross races throughout the country and are very successful in the National races (photo above is from a Jr 14-15 class National Race in Shakopee, MN). The race days are long so for most the whole family comes out and brings food, grills and socializes.  It’s really a family event where kids play together and run around between races, and there are special events throughout the season where bonfires are held, potluck dinners, light decorating contests (on your trailer), races on “vintage” snowmobiles and Mom/Dad races to keep things fun.  

 The GLX organization relies on the help from many sponsors like Chicago Communications to keep things going year to year. Many of the racers’ parents donate a significant amount of time and resources in addition to fundraisers and special events that are held. For our sponsorship the GLX organization gives Chicago Communications their own “race event” every year which is coming up this year on Saturday February 16th!

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Jill MThis article was posted by Jill McNamara, Internet Marketing Coordinator at Chicago Communications.