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Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone: Top Features

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

longrange_wireless_mic.jpgA bluetooth speaker microphone is an excellent solution for keeping in constant contact with your mobile workforce while untethered from their vehicles. The best products deliver real-time communications wherever work may take users, saving time and ensuring safety, especially when seconds count.

With the right solution, you’ll instantly enhance the effectiveness of your mobile radios without compromising on audio quality and reliability, making the devices a great addition to your communications solution, whether you work in public safety, manufacturing, construction, or another industry.

Motorola's RLN6551 Long Range Wireless Kit with Vehicular Charger is a great option. This plug-and-play solution takes only seconds to set up. The RLN6551 includes the Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone with battery (RLN6544), the Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway (PMMN4097), and the Vehicular Charger (PMLN6716).

To find the best fit for your mobile workers, whether they’re in the field or on patrol, here are some top features of bluetooth speakers mics to keep top of mind.


The most competitive solutions offer users crystal clear audio anywhere from 60 to 300-plus meters, depending on the device. Don’t be shy about asking for a range demo before you buy.

Battery Life

Even the best bluetooth speaker mic wouldn’t be worth the investment if users spent more time charging than communicating. The longest lasting battery on the market boasts up to 28 hours of useful life and takes three hours to charge from 0%.

Desktop and vehicle chargers are available to accommodate use in the control room and on the go.

Ease of Use: Push-to-Talk and Pairing

The push-to-talk function should be sensitive enough for users wearing gloves to easily use but smart enough to avoid being accidentally activated.

Pairing the device with radios should also be an intuitive process that doesn’t take up too much valuable time. Some solutions also offer continuous pairing so users don’t have to remember to pair up before they step away from their radios.

Multiple Users Per Radio

Some devices offer the ability to pair up to nine users per radio, allowing a group to keep in touch with each other and/or monitor conversations.

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