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The Future of Professional Two-Way Radios is Here

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

With two new additions to the MOTOTRBO portfolio, Motorola Solutions is delivering the future of professional two-way radios and repeater Motorola MotoTrbo SL3500e.jpgtechnology today.

The new SL3500e portable radio is a study in contrasts that’s been designed for business users: It’s small but powerful, sleek yet durable. The SLR 1000 repeater also packs range-extending punch in a compact design.

Let’s take a look at both products that represent the future of professional two-way radios and repeaters.

‘Perfectly Suited for Business’

Motorola describes the new SL3500e portable radio as “perfectly suited for business” with a slim profile that looks at home with office attire in a way that bulky traditional radios might not. At 23mm and 6.7 oz., it’s roughly half the size of some other devices in the MOTOTRBO family.

Features include:

  • Virtual keypad and display
  • Ability to connect with Bluetooth earpieces and sensors
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Can be used on trunking systems that support data and voice
  • Updates can be sent over the air

Uninterrupted Coverage

The SLR1000 repeater extends radio range to bring dead zones back to life and connect remote locations. And don’t let the small size – 10 pounds – fool you about its capabilities.

Features include:

  • IP65 rating for water and dust protection
  • Easy installation: Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Fanless design
  • Doesn’t require cooling from HVAC
  • Can be used with conventional and trunking systems that support voice and data
  • Scalability: can grow as your needs grow

Good Things in Small Packages

Both additions to the MOTOTRBO portfolio of professional two-way radios and infrastructure prove that good things – and big advances – can come in small packages. Their versatility also demonstrates why more businesses, industries and verticals are choosing two-way radios over cell phones. And why existing users are making the smart switch from analog to digital. 

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