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Taking Public Safety Software to the Next Level with Command Central

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

taking-public-safety-software-to-the-next-level-with-command-centerPublic safety involves multiple factors, and in today’s modern age it especially calls for public safety software and technology, including radios, cameras, 911 communications, and more. Command Central is a software suite from Motorola that is bolstering communications and helping officials save lives. 

Understanding the need

A fully reliable and responsive public safety force depends on integrated communications that connects silos and allows officials to gain information and take action in seconds. Having outdated, disparate technology slows that process. Delays can happen at any point in the communications chain, from the point a victim calls 911, to the point a perpetrator is booked and placed in jail. At every juncture, there can be breakdowns that jeopardize efficiency and increase public safety risk. What accounts for an inconvenience or inefficiency in other industries can mean the difference between life or death in the field of disaster and emergency response and public safety operations. 

End to end coverage

Command Central by Motorola Solutions is a suite of public safety software that unifies data and streamlines workflows, providing end-to-end coverage of every incident and response. Using the software, users can:

  • Manage complex information through a unified platform that centralizes big data
  • Leverage integrations and user experiences to simplify digital interactions
  • Evolve the technology as needed without disrupting performance.

Command Central allows officials to put their information to better use and improve safety across the board, from first call to case closure. The suite provides functionality across the spectrum of public safety from incident awareness, to incident management, to post-incident resolution. Features under each area include the following:

  • Incident awareness. With functionality for Community Engagement, public safety officials can modernize the way they partner with the community by automating “tip” lines and calls for services and providing “crime mapping” to promote transparency. Further, Command Central features Emergency Call Management to make it easier to manage NG9-1-1 data without overloading call takers.
  • Incident management. With Voice and Computer-Aided Dispatch, first responders can get information quickly. The software’s integrated CAD and dispatch consoles simplify interactions and allow for greater collaboration. Real-Time Intelligence Operations involves a situational awareness application that consolidates a real-time view of video feeds, sensor alerts and locations in a single operational view, increasing visibility into incidents. And, Field Response and Report lets officials see and communicate with responders in the field. This mobilizes information and reduces time officers spend on reporting and performing other manual tasks.
  • Post-incident Resolution. Command Central completes the communications loop with Records and Evidence Management functionality, making it possible for users to better manage data and information requests with a centralized system that allows data to be collected, organized and shared. Analysis and Investigation systems let users improve resources planning and better inform investigations with analytics that can identify patterns and speed up crime solving. Lastly, Jail and Inmate Management functionality helps expedite the booking process and streamline the intake, movement and release process.

According to Motorola, the technology is “changing the public safety experience with a focus on evolution, not revolution” to transform operations. Further, Command Central is backed by a Design Research Team dedicated to creating purpose-build user experiences.

The right public safety software can ensure nothing breaks down from the initial call to the final transactions, and it can give teams the crucial seconds they need to respond at every turn. Command Central is integrated, robust technology that can best protect public safety officials and entire communities. To make sure your public safety communications are operating at their best capacity, contact us for a free 911 consultation.Free Consultation