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Protect Your Investment with a Two-way Radio Maintenance Program [VIDEO]

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

protect-your-investment-with-a-two-way-radio-maintenance-programOnce you’ve decided to purchase or upgrade your radio fleet, a two-way radio maintenance program may be the last thing on your mind.

After all, you’ve just made a sizable purchase, and “maintenance program” sounds like more money. The fact is, though, that leaving the efficient functioning of your communications equipment to chance will cost more in the long run and could leave you without instant, mission critical communication when you need it most.

We've got another treat for you visual learners out there. Our latest video walks through the benefits of protecting your investment with a two-way radio maintenance program and why it’s worth the extra cash upfront.

No on the Toaster Protection

Almost every time we purchase something these days, we’re asked if we want to buy a maintenance agreement or an extended warranty of some kind.

For many consumers, the only thing they’re thinking about when making a big purchase is that a warranty is an additional cost that they don’t want to part with.

Sorry, appliance manufacturing companies, but if it's for things like a toaster, a basic microwave or another type of disposable appliance, it's a definite no for most folks.

Like an Extended Warranty – But Better

But what about your car? Do you automatically say no to an extended warranty agreement on your car, which is essentially like a maintenance agreement? For many people, the answer is no, especially when they consider what a basic car repair costs, and how much they rely on their cars for transportation, convenience and more.

With an extended warranty, a reasonable monthly payment covers repairs, meaning there won’t be large out-of-pocket expenses that come as a surprise.

Two-Way Radio Maintenance Program Benefits

The same holds true for mission critical communications equipment. Public safety agencies, businesses and campuses buy this equipment because it is essential to their operations.

Rest assured that we at Chicago Communications LLC offer maintenance plans for almost every piece of communications equipment that keeps departments, teams and companies on track.

In addition, when you have a maintenance agreement with us, you can set it up to ensure that you have:

  • Preferred treatment on repairs
  • Faster response times, if your agreement is defined that way
  • Advanced exchange
  • System monitoring and regular preventative maintenance checks, which can catch or prevent performance problems or outages before they occur

A Plan That’s Right for You

Whether you're looking for two way radio maintenance for one radio or support for a large nationwide communication system and network, we can set up a maintenance plan that's just right for you, which will give you the peace of mind and the service cost management you desire.

For more information on the type of maintenance plans we offer, check out the video called Chicago Communications: Maintenance Plans on our YouTube channel.

You can also give us a call or reach out to us through our website and request a quote.why-two-way-radios