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Product Spotlight: Vertex Standard’s EVX-Link

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Monday, October 19, 2015

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements in this decade is the rate of innovation when it comes to technology and communication. Ten years ago, most people were communicating via landlines and conference calls around long corporate tables. Today, we communicate on the go. We aren’t tied to a desk or a cord anymore - we can communicate at the touch of a button, video chat via your phone, and share digital files instantly.

As communication continues to evolve, there are new and exciting products hitting the market every year. The goal is to help people communicate better, whether they are in schools, factories, police stations, hospitals, or anywhere else in the world.

We wanted to highlight one of these new and innovative communication solutions - the EVX-Link from Vertex Standard. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this new device!Vertex EVX-Link

What is the EVX-Link?

The EVX-Link is a small, portable system that allows digital DMR radios to connect faster with multiple coverage areas regardless of geography. The Internet Protocol (IP) Connect technology uses a standard Ethernet connection for ease of use for worldwide communications. Basically, it allows users to talk from country to country without the need for additional dedicated equipment, making communications more streamlined and cost-effective than ever.

Typically, if you are trying to use your two-way radios to communicate with users who are in a different geographical area than you, you would need to set up additional repeaters or employ an expanded network. With the EVX-Link, you avoid all of that. With no repeater required, you simply need an Ethernet connection and a power supply to begin operating.

This solution is ideal for really anyone using digital two-way radios, but especially helpful for those in large campuses or structures, high-rise buildings, and widespread sites (one location in Chicago with the other in Toronto, for example).

What are the features?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the DMR compatible features carried by the EVX-Link.

  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Private Call
  • PTT ID
  • Call Alert
  • Remote Monitor
  • Text Messaging
  • Emergency Calls
  • Site Search

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of the EVX-Link, when compared to similar products, is that no repeater is required. This system works both on-site and repeater-based systems, and even a mix of both.

  • Here are some of the other core benefits:
  • Use this device within your existing network
  • You place the device anywhere in each coverage area
  • It is compatible with all RF Bands and any DMR digital platform
  • Easy to setup, easy to use
  • Expandable coverage up to 32 sites
  • Cost-effective solution over traditional IP connection solutions

Technical FAQs

For those looking for the “nerdy” stuff, here are a few technical FAQs about the EVX-Link:

Q: How much bandwidth does it require on a network?

A: 1M bps

Q: Is there a minimum bandwidth required?

A: Minimum of 256k bps for two sites

Q: What is the speed requirement for the IP address?

A: 8M bps is the recommended speed requirement

Q: How does this work in a LAN environment?

A: It uses UDP protocol to transfer DMR data to the other site

If you would like to learn more about the EVX-Link, you can click here to visit the official product website. You can also contact Chicago Communications to learn which digital devices are best for your exact needs - just click here or leave a comment below!