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Motorola Launches MOTOTRBO Essential Services Program

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

motorola-launches-mototrbo-essential-services-programMotorola Solutions recently launched an exciting expansion of its warranty and service program for select MOTOTRBO two-way radios that’s called Essential Services.

Essential Services has two options, and all covered radios and repeaters purchased after July 16, 2018, will automatically be included. The plans can also be added to radios bought before that date, and it applies to all MOTOTRBO repeaters. For details, it’s best to contact us about existing coverage.

The program marks a shift for Motorola – and a boost for customers – so here’s a closer look at what it all means.

Essential Services Options

Customers can choose from one of two service options, with the second being the more robust in terms of offerings. While the plans increase the cost of the radios, they also increase the opportunity of enhanced performance by more than doubling the warranty time.

Essential Software: Includes five years of coverage for premium software features +  software maintenance and updates + two years of hardware coverage.

Essential Software and Repair (Recommended): Includes five years of coverage for 16 premium software features that were previously sold exclusively a la carte + software maintenance and updates + hardware + priority repairs.

The Software and Repair plan is recommended because it’s the most comprehensive. It offers a faster turnaround time for repairs and a three-year increase over the old standard warranty.

And 16 premium features for software and devices are now all included, an estimated value of $2,000. Having all of the functionality of the features in the same package for one price is a game-changer. Now, the disparate teams across a single enterprise or agency all have access to what they individually need without worrying about extra cost. And you’re automatically maximizing each device’s capabilities.

The premium features are spread across five categories.

Safety and Security

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Man Down
  • Transmit Inhibit
  • Indoor Location


  • SINC + Noise Cancellation
  • Mute Mode
  • Rx Audio Leveling

Efficiency and Productivity

  • Text to Speech
  • Multi-Button Push-to-Talk
  • Enhanced GPS


  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Bluetooth Data

Systems (Related to Infrastructure)

  • Digital Voting
  • Dynamic Mixed Mode
  • IP Repeater Programming

What MOTOTRBO Radios Are Included

Not all MOTOTRBO models are affected by the new plan, which just includes:

  • SL7000e series: A family of DMR-standard radios designed to be pocket-sized.
  • XPR2500: A digital two-way radio with analog interoperability, allowing for gradual transitions for teams.
  • XPR3000 series
  • XPR5000e series: A family of DMR-standard digital radios.
  • XPR7000e series: Includes support for trunking as well as legacy analog technology.
  • All current MOTOTRBO repeaters: Enhanced two-way radio service for business and public safety users.

Services that are Essential

Overall, the multi-year service packages offered through the Essential Services program enhance the MOTOTRBO platform as a whole.

Both new MOTOTRBO users and device loyalists will find that the higher price upfront pays off in the long run with performance, access to features and repairs.

Motorola has said the benefits include:

  • Access to new software features as they’re developed
  • Premium features that drive efficiency and help users keep current
  • The ability to run new functionality, in many cases without having to add hardware
  • Enhanced ability and stability of two-way radio infrastructure
  • Hardware repair services for increased peace of mind
  • Extended device and infrastructure life

If you have any questions about Essential Services, don’t hesitate to contact our two-way radio communications staff for more information.