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Mobile Radio Interruptions Reduced With Motorola APX 8500

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Monday, September 26, 2016

Motorola Solutions has rolled out a new APX 8500 all-band mobile radio with a host of new features aimed at reducing interruptions in APX_8500.jpgeverything from voice communications to software upgrades.

Motorola Solutions rolled out the new radio at the recent Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference in Orlando, Fla. The new devices join the growing suite of Motorola mobile radios for business and public safety.

Reducing Interruptions: Voice and Data Communications

Imagine a major incident scene with a large response and lots of people talking over their radios at the same time. When the APX 8500 mobile radio is connected to the Motorola Solutions VML750 LTE vehicle modem, the radio can offload data communications such as GPS to broadband to free up availability. The data will go to whatever the modem is connected to, either public safety LTE or commercial LTE. The VML750 LTE vehicle modem is now available globally.

Motorola officials have called the offloading functionality a “combination of the best of both worlds,” and it isn’t hard to see why. This kind of versatility and reliability in critical situations is just one more reason why radios are better than cell phones.

The APX 8500 also allows first responders to use a single mobile radio to exchange voice and data communications – such as text messages and GPS coordinates – with multiple agencies and jurisdictions that are operating on different radio bands.

Reducing Interruptions: Software Updates

Currently, executing software updates to an entire fleet of radios can take weeks as the update travels its way to one radio at a time.

With the APX 8500 system, updates are broadcast continuously and without disrupting voice communications or any of the radio’s functions. Once the radio receives everything it needs, the user receives a notification that the upgrade is ready and is given the option to install. No more waiting one at a time, or having to bring radios back to the shop for updates. 

Key Features and Accessories

Enhanced Geo Select
Users can program their radios to take certain actions, such as changing channels or issuing an alert, when they reach specific areas or geofences. The APX 8500 radios will automatically take those actions, with no action required by the user, when that location is reached. The feature is now available even when the radio is no longer on the network.

Beefed-up Batteries

The APX 8500 charges from the vehicle battery, but the new IMPRES 2 batteries are designed for the APX series portable radios, and Motorola Solutions says the new batteries keep radios powered longer. They're high-capacity and water-resistant, and when combined with the new IMPRES 2 charger, they deliver 60 percent more charging cycles than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

The IMPRES 2 batteries also give users data on their ability to hold a charge, alerting them to when it’s time to replace radio batteries. Customizable charging is also available, allowing for batteries in service to be charged at 100 percent while the ones in storage can be partially charged to "optimize battery life," according to the company.

To learn more about Motorola digital radio technology and how it can benefit your company, contact Chicago Communications to set up a free consultation.