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MillieWatt advises: Resolve to be Ready in 2013

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, January 14, 2013

MillieWattServiceChiComm Introduces Customer Care Expert, Millie Watt

    You may remember when we introduced ChiComm’s FREQ (pronounced "Freek") Squad. Their purpose is to give you helpful hints and tell you about the latest happenings for all things in wireless communications, from the latest model of a portable radio to assisting in customer care. Each FREQ Squad member has their own specialization, and so far we’ve heard from Barry Broadband about wireless broadband, Ann Tenna about in-building coverage and Tommy Two Way about digital radio. But possibly the most important part of all these topics is the service and care behind each of those topics. That’s where our new customer advocate, Mille Watt, comes in. Millie is full of bright ideas! She takes special care of customers, so count on her for generating intelligent guidance wherever protection and preventive maintenance topics are present. She’s your go-to expert for any concerns you may have related to warranty, contracts, and protection programs.

     There's no better time than the present to prepare your communication systems for the year ahead. It is critical to the system's integrity and reliability that all of the equipment be properly maintained. At Chicago Communications we realize there’s a struggle to get the best return on your investment with budgets being cut in both the private and public sectors. But we also don’t want you to lose sight of the importance that preparation and maintenance has on your business. After all, the result of not continuing maintenance on a system can cost you more money in the long run. A System Analyzation and Optimization of your system is the first step in achieving the ultimate goal of getting the best ROI. Millie advises you to let technical professionals help determine how to best utilize your existing budget more effectively or better yet, how to justify the need for revenue to remedy a potential communications problem now or in the future.

     Radio infrastructure is the foundation upon which you build on. The System Analyzation & Ooptimization program that ChiComm offers will not only give you the peace of mind that your system is working at its peak performance, but it will also advise you of the solutions to resolve any potential future problems. It gives you a solid way to offset unforeseen problems AND prolong use of your existing equipment.

The System Analyzation & Optimization Program involves:

  1. -Inspection of each piece of radio infrastructure equipment with state of the art test equipment
  2. -A comprehensive antenna line and cavity filter sweep, along with a telephone line (end-to-end) sweep which will verify proper level and connectivity settings
  3. -A report that will be presented upon the completion of the analysis along with any recommendations if necessary, that would enhance your systems performance

To learn more about preventative maintenance practices, contact Millie today!

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Millie for a budgetary price of performing this service at: (630) 993-4225 or MillieWatt@chicomm.comPlease note: the amount of infrastructure you have will determine the time required for the analyzation.

ChiComm FREQSQUAD This has been another update from the ChiComm FREQ Squad!  They'll be popping in every now and then on the blog to give you helpful hints and tell you about the latest happenings for all things 'freq-y & geeky'. They'll be sharing valuable information related to two-way communications equipment & accessories, important announcements about products, promotions, regulations and answers to frequently asked questions. For bio’s on each member click here. You can find them on Twitter:@ccFREQsquad !

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