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Keep Your Cops Out of Court!

Posted by Jill McNamara on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Serve and Protect Your Police Force with In Car Digital Video Recording

First things first. For those non-believers and late-bloomers still thinking, “Why recordEMS Police IMG 7334 resized 600 video?” Think about disputes between offenders and officers…how do you determine what really happened? What about all those court dates for minor offenses that are keeping officers in court instead of out on patrol. Think about all the liability risks that come with civilians, old and young, using smartphones with cameras that can record YOU. These devices and applications tie to the lawsuits you may hear about in the news where offenders are giving officers a bad name. Are you keeping up with these concerns? How are you addressing them? While smartphones and instant communication may have started predominantly with the younger generation, it has prevailed across the board in all agencies and to people of all ages. Technology continues to evolve at such high speeds that you can no longer afford to refute the revolution. Besides, with the constant change of technology, digital video isn’t really a luxury anymore, it’s becoming a necessity.

      Some agencies may still be using analog video and think that’s getting the job done. But analog video has become pretty much obsolete and is considered an unavailable media. On top of that fact, evidence storage and retrieval gives its users headaches and the media quality degrades over time.

       Enter digital video. There are tools out that can actually take care of much of the inconvenience for you, automatically. These devices can wirelessly & automatically upload data and transfer it to the station once in the parking lot. And they have ways of deleting expired incidents when necessary without any interaction from users. You can capture video, audio and metadata in one file and the backend storage puts all incident data at your fingertips. You have pre-incident video that is always on, always watching, that can lead to increased convictions and more out-of court settlements. Some of the latest technologies simplify processes by automation. Probably most importantly though, you’re recording these public interactions that can serve as solid proof to refute false claims and not only back up your squad, but also put out the smoke before things can escalate further.

     In-car digital video recording leads to 60% reduced court time and legal liabilities, plus 93% of complaints from people against officers can be dismissed with proper video*! There’s especially a huge demand to have this kind of evidence in the U.S. because the litigation rate here is higher than any other nation. So for those occasions when things inevitably end up in court, you’ll have concrete ways to dismiss complaints and have more solid proof of the plaintiff’s offenses. This way you can protect your police force while keeping them out of court.

To learn more about in car digital video recording systems, contact us today for more information!

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*Note: The above statistical data was presented in a webinar by Motorola Solutions.