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Inflatable Towers: You Don't See That Every Day!

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It’s an inflatable tower!  Didn’t know there was such a thing?  Well, there is and it has someTower 2 pretty interesting applications.  You can use it anywhere from golf outings or county fairs, to crime scenes or highway speed control or road blocks!  Anytime you have a temporary command post or mobile headquarters, these easy to move mobile towers can accommodate an antenna, repeater, camera, or even an access point for high speed data.  They are easy to transport, quickly deployed, affordable and customizable. They are portable enough to mount on any vehicle so you can enhance your two way radio or mobile phone range at any remote operation. They are inflatable towers made by Lighter than Air Projects in Cookeville, TN, and available locally through Chicago Communications!

describe the imageThe towers are available at 20, 25, 37, and 60 ft. heights.  They are made using vinyl and thermal welding technology making them durable and lightweight.  You may also add your own customized artwork depending on the application.  There is a Velcro channel for cables down the side, and a system at the top for attaching devices.  The smaller towers can be transported in backpacks, while larger ones can be transported with a receiver hitch for the back of a vehicle.  Each tower has a compressor unit with a regulator to keep pressure consistent.  You can also tether it with ropes and stakes for the best stabilization.  Various lighting packages are also available to match your goal.   “These towers are durable, and used for all kinds of stuff from DUI stops to ham fests,” said Steve Garner, President of Lighter than Air Projects.  “They will also light up a large area at night with a 1000 watt light fixture!”

This product has multiple uses and it’s affordable.  Bill Dow, President of National Technology indicated, “It’s just something you don’t see every day!” If you'd like more information on Inflatable Towers, Click Contact Us.






describe the image

This article was written by Bill Dow, the Executive Director of USMSS, the national trade association of the Motorola Service Partners, and President of National Technology, the marketing company of USMSS.