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Get Greater Efficiencies, More IT Value Through Partnership With Cloud Cover

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

get-greater-efficiencies-more-it-value-through-partnership-with-cloud-coverNow there’s a way to improve IT systems, optimize IT assets and streamline operations through Chicago Communications. A new partnership with Cloud Cover is empowering Chicago Communications customers to access full-service IT solutions, including Cloud Services, Security as a Service, Remote Monitoring and Management and more. Here we look at why these solutions are so important and what they can mean for boosting efficiency and improving operations.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services allow businesses to harness the power of the cloud to get more out of their equipment and reduce the need to acquire more devices. Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is one of the products available through the partnership with Cloud Cover. IaaS provides a way to have a scalable and agile infrastructure, without having to invest in time and hardware. This can result in cost savings and free up valuable resources for other business operations.

Another service, Desktop as a Service or DaaS, gives business the ability to create virtual desktops and applications. This provides for centralized and simplified IT management, improved security and compliance, and reduced IT capital expenditures. Plus it gives workers the ability to access their work and systems wherever they have an Internet connection.

Cloud Services also include hosted Voice Over IP or VoIP, which allows people to use their business VoIP number to communicate on their smartphones, tables and desktop PCs. All calls are routed through a hosted voice interface, which can reduce reliance on IT, save money in long-distance calls, and improve productivity.

Security as a Service

Nowadays, cyber threats are increasingly rampant and security needs across industries are expanding. Making sure systems and data are secure and cyber threats are countered can quickly overtax internal IT departments.

Through the partnership with Cloud Cover, businesses can also take advantage of Security as a Service. With this service, they can scale their security functions to cover email, website, data, and identity management. They can also ensure compliance, business continuity during short-term outages, and improved disaster recovery. The offering makes it possible to make sure all bases are covered, without having to lay out the investments in staff, technology, and time.

It provides support for businesses who are questioning: Can we afford to do this? But more importantly, can we afford not to do it?

Other offers through Security as a Service include:

  • Firewall
  • Hosted Anti-virus/Anti-Malware/Spyware
  • Compliance Scanning (HIPPA and PCI)
  • Security Event Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing


Remote Monitoring and Management

Another feature made possible through the partnership with Cloud Cover is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). This service involves controlling IT systems and monitoring their security and performance remotely through a communications provider. Administrators can manage multiple devices and detect breaches, providing 24-by-7 coverage. This results in minimized downtime, improved security, less need for maintenance, and also increased productivity because staff are not derailed when troubleshooting problems and evaluating security issues.

The service also provides solutions for:

  • Remote access & screen-sharing
  • Patch management
  • Remote software installations
  • Hardware and software auditing
  • Network management
  • Automation
  • Event Management


These features, along with managed services and IT service desk functionality, are all now available through this partnership with Cloud Cover. Now Chicago Communications customers can improve operations, save money, and bolster their services while being able to focus on their core business functions.

To learn more about what Cloud Cover can do for your business, contact us for a free consultation.New Call-to-action