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Meet Nancy Rezman: Inside Sales Support and Telemarketing Maven

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NancyEmployee Spotlight

Ever since her first job, as assistant to the VP of a Publishing company, Nancy has enjoyed being the voice on the phone. Whether it’s being the first person to touch base with a customer or the one they can count on when an issue comes up, she never hesitates to help. Her goal is for everyone to know and remember her name. She enjoys visiting customers with the sales team and having them say, “I know you” or “I remember your name.” She feels it gives a customer or potential customer that personal experience. When Nancy calls to follow up on a marketing piece or a recent service call or to check and see if there is anything they need, she wants them to know she truly cares.

Being at Chicago Communications has been very different than her past experiences. Nancy’s background is design with furniture and lighting and HVAC as a side business. When the opportunity to join ChiComm came along, she was eager to jump right in. When asked what she knew about two-way radios, her response was “You turn them on and push the button to talk,” “But I am eager to learn everything I can about them.” In the two years she’s been here, she feels like she’s just scratching the surface. “It’s much more than radios.”

What is it like working at ChiComm? “Everyone here is so eager to help me learn. The resources available are the best I have ever been exposed to and every day is definitely a learning experience. Sometimes the technical side can be a bit much, but then understanding how a BDA works, what a repeater does or how cameras can keep a campus safe suddenly clicks. Being with a solution based company is the coolest thing. Listening to a team member talk to a customer about not what they need for today, but what will work for tomorrow and the future is amazing.”

At a recent trade show, Nancy explained that a gentleman from the Chicago Police Department used to do business with ChiComm over 30 years ago. Now retired from the CPD and starting his own security company, he couldn’t think of another company to partner with for his communication needs. “I felt exceptionally proud to know that I am part of this team and part of the ChiComm family!”


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