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Employee Spotlight: Barb Wittenkeller

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Like many members of the Chicago Communications team, Barb Wittenkeller has been with the company for decades, starting her career here in 2002.

Barb likes to keep things organized, and believes in prioritizing customer service. “I will help a customer right away, and I make sure their issue is handled, whatever it may be,” she says.

Keeping Things Organized

Barb spends a lot of time handling invoicing. She’s also the person who works with the sales team on orders and service billing, and greets customers on the phone and in person. She’s also responsible for entering credit card payments and arranging electronic deposits.

She keeps Chicago Communications offices working smoothly by ordering and maintaining office supply inventory, and is also one the company’s two notary publics.

She also keeps track of Motorola’s trade‑in program, where customers get credit for turning in their old radio equipment. Barb stays on top of all the paperwork to make sure the customer gets the credit. 

Since the pandemic began, Barb has managed all this by working from home two days a week. “It makes the week go by really fast, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience this in my working career,” she says. 

A Non‑Traditional Path

Barb attended East Leyden H.S. in Franklin Park, not far from Chicago Communications’ Elmhurst office. She stayed home while her two children were young, and when her son entered kindergarten she joined the workforce by doing a job share as a receptionist at a company in Franklin Park. She arranged to be home when her kids got home from school. After that, she worked for five years for a steel manufacturer in Addison, Illinois. 

When that company moved to Mexico, Barb heard about an accounts receivable position that had opened up at Chicago Communications. “The rest is history,” she says.

Family and Travel

Barb’s favorite non‑work activities include spending time with her family and four grandchildren. “I couldn’t live without my family,” she says. “Husband, daughter, son‑in‑law, son, daughter‑in‑law, and 4 GRAND KIDS!!!!” 

Although travel has been curtailed by the pandemic, Barb and her husband are intrepid explorers, who like to plan at least two trips a year. They are looking forward to getting back on the road.

Barb loves golfing and is vice president of a bowling league. She’s also a hunter….of bargains. She loves to shop strategically and use coupons to find deals.

It’s people like Barb who make Chicago Communications a strong team with a long history of success.

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