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Emergency Vehicle Equipment: Essential Features

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Members of the public rely on emergency assistance in some of the most challenging situations - and officers rely on their emergency vehicle equipment to be able to respond quickly and safely. Whether your department is outfitting or updating an emergency vehicle, some equipment features are essential.

Emergency vehicles are some of the most versatile and hardest-working modes of transportation on the road. They need to be high-tech, high visibility, and able to safely transport officers, prisoners and canines.

As you’re thinking about what emergency communications equipment and capabilities you need, be sure to build in the time and resources for professional installation as the best way to ensure that everything is handled appropriately. After all, your vehicles – and everyone’s safety – depend on it. Products may promise easy installation, but having a trained installer on hand means you can focus on job number one.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most essential features for emergency vehicle equipment.


The right lightbar solution guarantees that your fleet is easily seen, immediately recognized and able to shed light on high-stress situations when visibility is needed most. Essential features for lightbars include:

  • Multicolor LED technology for seamless switching from red/blue or blue/white to all-white
  • Low profile to enhance aerodynamics
  • Ability to add layers to increase visibility as you need it
  • Options for customization

Custom Mounts

You need a mounting solution that’s tailored not just to your vehicle, computer or radio equipment, but to the way you use them as well. As you’re shopping around, be on the watch for:

  • Durable materials
  • Ease of use
  • Ergonomic design to reduce back, neck, wrist and eye strain
  • Flexibility to add brackets or mounts as you need them to accommodate changing technology, such as tablets, laptops, touch screens, radios and mics
  • Tilt/swivel capabilities
  • Room for non-tech comfort accessories, such as cup holders and arm rests
  • Locking mechanism to ensure safe stowing and prevent accidental swinging


You need a containment solution that will keep your canine colleagues safe and accessible while standing up to wear and tear, and maximizing storage space. Key options for your search include:

  • High-strength construction
  • Removable mats that are comfortable and easy to clean
  • Space for both your companion and a person in custody

Prisoner Cages

When designing prisoner transport options, manufacturers know that you’ll be putting every square inch of your vehicle to work. The best prisoner cages offer:  

  • Maximum leg room
  • Space to accommodate handcuffed arms
  • Center-pull seatbelts that minimize contact between officers and prisoners
  • Molded seats for enhanced contraband control
  • A range of durable partition options, from sliding to stationary
  • Customized HVAC systems

Integrated Solutions

Rather than acquiring your emergency vehicle equipment piecemeal, you may also consider an integrated sedan, truck or SUV package that comes complete with:

  • Rear and side window barriers
  • Door guards
  • Rear cargo accessories, including easy-lift decks and electronics storage

To get a free estimate on the best 911 communications solution for your department, click here.

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