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Ears-free Hearing with High-Tech Accessory

Posted by Jill McNamara on Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Listen Through Your Temples, Not Through Your Ears?

Temple Transducer is the name, and enhanced communication is its game. Unlike conventional headsets, these allow the user’s ears to be uncovered and completely free to hear surrounding environmental sounds, while still using the Motorola two-way portable radio. Conventional headsets can mask external sounds, such as approaching traffic and overhead pages, that are crucial for busy professionals to hear.


You're probably thinking how does it work? Well the solution lies within bone conduction technology. Bone conduction is the reason why a person's voice sounds different to him/her when it is recorded and played back. Because the skull conducts lower frequencies better than air, people perceive their own voices to be lower and deeper than others do.

Anyway, the receiver portion of the headset rests on the user's temples. The sound vibration is transmitted through the surrounding human tissue and bone directly into the inner ear, where it is then processed. That may sound like a lot of extra steps, but it's just as quick, crisp & clear as a message being spoken to you directly.

These Motorola accessories represent a significant achievement in headset design and functionality by converting audio into sound vibration that transmits to the inner ear. There are basic and rugged versions, each with different models for the user's comfort.

Temple Transducers are compatible with a majority of two-way radios. Thanks to the in-line noise cancelling microphone the user can transmit clear messages without picking up background noise. It's particularly suited for customer-facing environments. They can benefit those in manufacturing, education, retail and hospitality industries. Users of two way radios that work in security and warehouse/maintenance positions would benefit as well.

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Jill MThis article was written by Jill McNamara, Internet Marketing Coordinator at Chicago Communications.