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Do You Need a Distributed Antenna System or a Signal Booster?

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Airport-DASIf you’re battling cell phone dead zones or unreliable two-way radio coverage across your building, facility or campus, chances are the solutions you’re weighing include a distributed antenna system or a signal booster.

Both of these in-building connectivity solutions have their pros and cons, and here we’ll take a closer look at the strengths and limitations of both to help you decide whether you need a DAS or a signal booster.

As you’re considering your options, here are some questions to keep in mind. To learn how distributed antenna systems work, check out this video.

What’s Causing Your Coverage Issues?

Cell phone coverage woes and poor radio range are more prevalent in certain situations, including: 

  • Older buildings, particularly structures built out of concrete, brick and steel
  • Fortified areas, such as basements, stairways and garages
  • Buildings with a high density of users
  • Rural areas with natural obstructions

Once you have an idea of what's causing or contributing to your problem, you can move on to the next question in finding an effective solution.

How Large is the Area You’re Trying to Cover?

Given its power and scope, a distributed antenna system is the go-to solution for large-scale footprints such as campuses, arenas, hospitals, airports, and subway systems.

Signal boosters have more limited power capabilities and may be a better option if you need a little less oomph or need to cover a smaller area, such as a single business within a larger facility.

Are You Ready to Work with a Professional Installer?

No matter which option you choose, you should be prepared to work with a trained and experienced installer to set up your system.

Particularly for a DAS, placement of the solution’s components is key, as is ongoing maintenance. Signal boosters are billed as a “plug and play” solution, but that doesn’t mean that just anyone should install them.

Proper placement for both is also key to avoiding signal interference.

To figure out the right solution for your facility, contact Chicago Communications and request a free consultation with one of our DAS experts. Our comprehensive distributed antenna system guide also has more information about the DAS solution.

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