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Business Alarm Systems Now Automate Text and Radio Alerts

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When London-based bank HSBC was looking at sophisticated business alarm systems for a 200,000-square-foot Data Center, its key considerations included automation, 24-hour coverage, safety and security, along with compatibility with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios. With all of that in mind, the Teldio Alarm Control System (ACS) was the clear choice.

The Teldio ACS integrates into existing building management and network systems to monitor for a range of alarms – including environmental Teldio_Alarm.pngemissions, fire, maintenance, security and technical maintenance –  and when an alert is raised, alarms are sent simultaneously via text or audio to MOTOTRBO devices (for more on using MOTOTRBO in manufacturing, check out our Motorola dealer case study on working with Aux Sable.).

In addition to audio and text, notifications and job tickets can be sent by phone call, Android App and Windows alert.

Alerts Sent to Different Staff Until Answered

The alarm message is sent to staff based on their job role, location and schedule, and the ACS system is programmed to keep pushing alerts to different people until the alarm is acknowledged. This so-called “closed loop” system reduces response times, as well as liability. And ACS includes reporting features that can track how long it takes employees to respond, accept and close alarms.

HSBC’s facility is the home to servers that process thousands of banking transactions every day for some of its 47 million customers worldwide. The company, one of the largest banking and financial institutions in the world, installed the ACS system in the Data Center’s main control room and linked it to the building management system. When an alarm is raised, the ACS automatically ensures that the appropriate person, or group of people, is alerted.

Use Cases for Alarm Control System

Other common use cases for the ACS system include:

  • Campuses: Panic button alarms can be sent from classrooms to Security officers
  • Facilities with continuously running equipment: Notifications about machinery malfunctions can be sent to Engineering departments
  • Customer Service desks: After-hours calls can be forwarded to the representatives on call
  • Buildings with connected fire alarms: Notifications can be sent via email to the manager on duty

Teldio is a two-way radio applications developer, and their offerings are a solid choice for MOTOTRBO radio networks because it’s their primary focus.

To get help selecting the best business alarm system for your company, contact Chicago Communications!