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A Tour of TRBO Apps by Tommy Two-Way

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, March 18, 2013

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Take Tommy's Tour of MOTOTRBO Features, Beyond the Basics 

So you bought your new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system from Chicago Communications. As promised, we provided coverage in and around your areas of operation. The system allows communications between personnel and management staff, offering you the communications you require to keep your production lines running, your hotel staff moving and your security operations handling building safety. Now What???

 As everyone knows, your new radio system communicates voice between users, but did you know that it also communicates data between devices? Whether Machine-to-Machine for Manufacturing or smartphone to mobile radio, the DMR MOTOTRBO product lines allow so much more.

 Thinking outside the box, let me run a few scenarios to educate you on what you can do with these systems.


A)     Let's say you have a radio system that allows communication between floor managers and staff. When the product line goes down, a light indicates a failure on the line and shuts it down. A call on the radio is sent from the line operator to the floor manager. Then a call from the floor manager to the maintenance office is made to arrange a technician to be dispatched on site to repair the line. What if the line automatically paged out over the two way radio system? Key individuals would know immediately that the line shut down and what the area of concern is. The technician or line maintenance person could be dispatched with the proper tools and potentially parts to repair the line in a shorter amount of time. This is possible with applications for MOTOTRBO.

B)      In another scenario consider the VP of Facilities is out at another plant. She decides to activate her IPhone to allow her to be notified of a situation at another facility. By implementing the CTI TURBO Vui radio gateway, we turned her smartphone into a two way radio. We have taken what was a local system and allowed key personnel to listen and respond to radio traffic over a public system.

C)      Commonly manufacturers have security working the floor of the plant. If an operator is injured on the floor and needs medical attention, do you have a fast acting plan in place? Using the telephone interconnect feature of the MOTOTRBO system, the Security officer can dial 911 directly if authorized to make a call to the local public safety agency. There are also 'man-down notifer' solutions in the case a worker is injured when no one else is nearby to assist.


A)     Again, we have a MOTOTRBO radio system for communications, this time at a hotel. TheMOTOTRBO ALERT resized 600 maintenance team has it tied into the building's physical plant monitoring system. Indications such as boiler and air handling failures can be transmitted to key personnel in charge of keeping the building systems operational without them having to constantly make trips to check manually.

B)      Maintenance works off of work orders. What if the maintenance team was able to monitor work orders, fill in the work orders and close out tickets right from their MOTOTRBO radios? Digital technology allows this to happen with applications such as HOTSoS, that save time and increase productivity.

C)      Consider a time when emergency evacuation is needed. A simple press of the button to activate the alarm notifies all personnel of the danger and regroups them to the emergency channel so Security can effectively handle and evacuate if needed. This application provides an efficient response to what could have become a chaotic situation.


A)     As a combination of Security, Manufacturing and Hospitality, Pharmaceutical companies are so large and vast they almost can be considered small cities. Not only are they local to a town but they may also be regional, national or worldwide. Try keeping communications open across large territories to groups of people. With enhanced digital radio systems, we can tie remote plants and facilities together to monitor security operations. Should there be a large threat, immediate communications can be sent out over the radio system across the nation through existing networks that companies have.

     No longer are we tied to one location with one system. We can leverage the resources of your radio system to accomplish much more than conversations. Alarms, Control, Emergencies, Works Orders and GPS are just a few of the useful enhancements that Radio communications lends itself today.


 MOTOTRBO Specials!

  Tommy Two Way is another member of the FREQ Squad! Tommy’s been around the block and back. He’s a techy old timer who’s been active since the beginning of two way radio. He thinks he’s pretty smart, often saying, “I don’t just talk the talk, I can walk the walk.”—using his mustache as an indication of his many years of wisdom. We urge you to try and stump him with technical questions!

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