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A Place You Wouldn't Think of Using Two Way Radios

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, March 11, 2013

     On this blog we talk a lot about mission critical situations and the communications and technology that assist first responders and public safety agencies every day. But the importance of good communication doesn’t stop there.  We realize that it's essential to keep everyone connected to their teams, everywhere they go.  We’re able to provide solutions that reach industries very diverse in nature from public safety, whether it’s helping customers in schools, casinos, hotels or sports stadiums. Take for instance our rental department, which puts radios in the hands of security crews at concerts,  videographers covering special events (like the Tour of Elk Grove) and even engineers running environmental tests on equipment at a power plant--which probably isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think of places using two way radios. Let’s take a closer look at the last scenario mentioned, since we happen to know of a nearby environmental testing firm called Mostardi Platt, that was willing to share how two way radios help their staff stay connected.

    Mostardi Platt is an environmental consulting and testing firm that has provided air emission testing services to power plants, refineries, printing facilities and other industrial sources since 1976.  Mostardi Platt prides itself on its multi-disciplined team of engineers, scientists, and other experts who possess technical knowledge in virtually every type of public and private industry. Working together, these professionals utilize their comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and compliance obligations and their specialized expertise to develop systems, strategies, and solutions to help clients meet their environmental obligations.

     The testing crews conduct the emissions tests in all types of weather and in potentially hazardous settings.  It is extremely important that their air testing crews maintain communication with both office personnel and one another in order to coordinate activities and keep abreast of any safety concerns. Since the crews on a specific project may be a significant distance from one another, portable radios facilitate immediate communication on their field testing projects.  Project Managers rely heavily on the radios in order to remain in constant contact with the field testing crew, thereby ensuring that all parties are kept informed of testing schedule changes and, more importantly, security and safety issues.mostardi platt environmental testing

     Mostardi Platt currently rents portable radios from ChiComm and is "extremely satisfied with both the products and the service.  The air emissions testing schedule is extremely fluid as it is dependent upon the client’s needs and operating schedule.  Chicago Communications has been able to provide fully charged radios to Mostardi Platt on very short notice," says Jeff Crivlare, a Senior Project Manager for Mostardi Platt. He added that he "looks forward to continuing a professional relationship with Chicago Communications for years to come." The feeling is mutual! 

Thanks to our friends at Mostardi Platt for sharing their story and educating us all on the unique and interesting environmental work they do. 

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Jill MThis article was written by Jill McNamara, Internet Marketing Coordinator at Chicago Communications. Jill has written all of the Meet Our Techs & Employee Spotlight articles for ChiComm's blog and continues to seek opportunities for articles relating to the wireless communications industry. If you'd like to submit a suggestion for JillContact Us!