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How Two Way Radios Can Benefit Education

Posted by Jill McNamara on Monday, November 21, 2011

      educationIn schools, a strong communication system is vital to maintaining a safe environment. Whether reassuring seamless alarm alerts or connecting with the needs of students, instant communications are essential. The community in a school or university includes personnel - grounds and maintenance, administration, faculty and students. Here are some examples of situations where two way radios can come in more than handy.

Scenario #1:

Campus security at a University receives a call in the middle of the night that someone in a mask is lurking around one of the academic buildings. They send out a broadcast with their two way radios, and the nearest guard checks out the area.

Result: Because there's a quick response, the intruder is scared away before causing any damage.

Scenario #2:

A toilet in an elementary school starts to overflow. A teacher calls the main office and the office dispatches a maintenance worker to fix the problem.

Result: A quick response by the maintenance team minimizes damage before other problems can arrise.


Scenario #3:

An Unidentified adult is spotted at recess on school property. The teacher who has spotted the person radios to alert the security staff.

Result: Security brings in the adult and questions him. The school avoids liability of a potential threat.

Scenario #4:

A child gets on the wrong bus after school. After the buses leave, the child's sister notices he's missing and tells the driver, who calls it in over the radio.

Result: Because of the two way radios, the bus driver locates the boy on another bus and his stop is added to that route.

Scenario #5:

Winter brings storms, snow, ice, slush, sleet, you name it. On snowy days campus sidewalks get especially slippery. Students can tell security or campus employees who radio maintenance,etc.

Result: Provides faster response time by the maintenance team to prevent accidents/injuries of students.

     Two way radios provide an effective safe communication system for reporting and dealing with accidents as they occur. They prove to be ideal for schools and colleges who want a communications system in place that offers security and peace of mind for their students and staff.   

      Chicago Communications looks forward to putting our knowledge, experience and product portfolio to work for you. We take seriously the responsibility that accompanies providing equipment and service that meet the standards and demands of all users.

We can help you find a solution that works for your school.

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Can you think of any other scenarios where two way radios can benefit Education?

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