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Exceptional Customer Service means EVERY Customer is Important

Posted by Jill McNamara on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pointers from the Principals: Emphasizing Each Customer's Importance

      Over the years I’ve been a part of many different service-oriented organizations.  I’ve spent time in System Implementation roles, Help Desk Supervisory roles, Dispatch Center management, Support Center management, and in Human Resource management, where every employee is a customer.  In each of these roles, as in any customer service role, there were many challenges. Every time the phone rang I had to assume it was a customer calling with a problem of some kind. And throughout the day I’d always say to myself , “That's why I'm here, to help them." It was unlikely the phones were ringing with customers eager to share how wonderful things were.  But there was one phrase I heard frequently over the years and it always surprised me to hear this from a customer: "I know I'm not one of your big customers, so I understand I might not receive the same level of attention but..."

      Every time I've heard this statement, I've always been taken aback by it. My automatic response upon hearing it has always been, "Really?  You're not one of our big customers?  Does knowing that information cause me to behave any differently, or treat you as any less important?"  And my answer to this was always the same -- an unwavering "No, not at all." I didn’t realize an answer that was so obvious to me, could be so unclear to others.

      To me, EVERY customer is important no matter how big or how small. Just as much as EVERY customer, regardless of size, should expect nothing but exceptional, personalized service from their service provider.  No customer should feel they are less important--ever.  This is the philosophy that has been instilled in me over the years, and it is a one I will never lose sight of. I will continue to live by this mission and instill it throughout our organization so we continue making strides to achieve the best possible customer service every day at Chicago Communications.

 Great businesses are built on providing exceptional customer service, where every customer is important. 


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Cindy Glashagel

This is a guest blog written by one of Chicago Communication's Principals, Cindy Glashagel. Cindy has over 27 years of experience in the industry. She held many positions during her tenure at Motorola, beginning with Systems Engineer and other various customer service, quality & operations management, and HR positions before resigning to start Chicago Communications, LLC.



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