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7 Must-Have Motorola Radio Accessories

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Motorola radio accessories are the best way to kick everything about your Motorola radio up a notch – or more. Accessories take devices that are already built to be mission critical and tailor them to what individual users, businesses, public safety agencies and industries need.earpiece.jpg

They go through the same rigorous testing as the radios themselves to ensure that they meet the same standards for durability and reliability. And across each category of accessories, there’s a wide enough range of functionality to give each one versatility for different users.

As you’re looking to outfit a new or existing radio, here are 7 must-have Motorola radio accessories to keep in mind.


Earpieces literally extend the reach of two-way radios, giving users the ability to be truly hands-free.

For business users, the Swivel Earpiece is a great option, particularly in education, hospitality and retail settings.

Benefits include:

  • Comfort: It’s small, lightweight and comes with two clothing clips to ensure the ruggedized cord stays in place.
  • Hygiene: The earpiece sits over the ear, not inside, for users who share equipment.
  • Accessibility: The clip-on push-to-talk (PTT) switch allows users to instantly connect.

For public safety users, the Bluetooth Mission Critical Wireless earpiece was designed specifically for first responders. It provides a level of security as well as the comfort and other benefits of its business counterpart.

Remote Speaker Microphones

Microphones are some of the hardest-working accessories, and they’re built with that reality in mind. Motorola makes remote speaker microphones that are:

  • Noise-cancelling
  • Water resistant or submersible
  • Equipped with a “windporting” feature to reduce the noise caused by windy weather conditions
  • Able to be clipped to police uniforms or firefighter coats. 

IMPRES Batteries

Motorola has been offering the IMPRES line of batteries for more than a decade, and they just keep getting “smarter” to meet new needs and requirements. In addition to meeting strict durability and reliability standards, IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 more times than a standard battery.

The manufacturer estimates that if you charge radios two to three times a week, you can get more than an extra year out of each IMPRES battery you buy.

IMPRES Battery Chargers 

The powerhouse companion to the IMPRES batteries are the chargers, which have technology that automatically prevents overcharging or overheating. Users can tell immediately how much battery life is left, taking the guesswork out of charging.

In addition, data is stored in the battery and communicated to the charger that’s designed to automatically maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life.


Headsets are another example of the versatility of radio accessories. They can be lightweight and discreet or heavy duty and ruggedized. All of them offer the benefit of being hands-free and providing unequaled audio clarity.

Carry Cases

Motorola designed its carry cases specifically for public safety, construction and utility users, meaning they’re about as tough as they come. They’re intended to withstand a range of harsh working conditions while keeping radios handy and usable.

Carry cases are available in materials including leather, nylon and plastic, both hard body and soft.  


Antennas are another key player in enhancing your radio’s coverage while withstanding a range of conditions. Many models also have integrated GPS. When selecting antennas, remember that compatibility matters: Make sure to pair them correctly with the radio or radios you’re using or planning to use. 

To learn more about Motorola digital radio technology and how it can benefit your company, contact Chicago Communications to set up a free consultation.