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3 Ways Two-Way Radios Save You Money

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

iStock_000038773860SmallFor those assigned with the task of improving communication and cutting costs, it may seem like an impossible challenge. Typically, the word "improve" comes with a price tag, so how are you supposed to improve communication on a budget?

Many workers in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, public service or even education rely on inefficient or unreliable means of communication like landlines or cell phones. This means that dead zones, poor call quality, and limited battery life can cause delays or even safety issues. Not only that, but these communication methods actually cost more money than their more effective counterpart: digital two-way radios. 

If you haven't heard, two-way radios are far superior to communicating via cell phone or landline. They offer extended battery life, more efficient communication, improved worker safety, and even a variety of applications to personalize the radio for your exact needs. And, they even save you money. 

Here are three ways two-way radios can improve your communication and cut costs.  

1) Eliminate recurring monthly payments 

Although this may be the most obvious benefit, it is also the most attractive as it is the first benefit to show up on the books. When a company or organization uses landlines or cell phones for their communication, they need to pay a monthly fee for that service (yes, the phone bill). This means that every month, there is a set amount of money leaving your organization.  

Two-way radios cut those costs by allowing customers to own their radios. You simply pay the cost to purchase the radios, and you cut those monthly phone bills out of your budget. Depending on the size of your organization, this could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can also save costs by moving away from copper phone lines (you can read more about that here).  

Why pay a recurring bill for something average when you can own something great? 

2) Improve worker safety 

When it comes to the safety of your staff, the most important thing is always ensuring they have the proper resources to stay safe. Unfortunately, many worker accidents occur because the employee was unable to effectively communicate at the time (often due to poor call coverage or quality, or even a dead battery). When these unfortunate accidents occur, your organization is liable.  

You can use two-way radios to keep your workers safe, and in turn, keep your costs down. By leveraging the extended coverage network, long-lasting battery, and noise-canceling technology of these radios, employees are more likely to stay safe.  

3) Elevate productivity  

Poor communication causes delays, and delays hurt business. Too often, poor call quality or some other downfall of cell phone communication can cause a misunderstanding or a degree of inconvenience. When you use reliable two-way radios, however, you enable your workers to communicate confidently and effectively, thus improving their productivity.  

To learn more about implementing two-way radios in your organization, contact us today or download our complimentary guide below!