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3 Ways Surveillance Video Boosts Employee Safety

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

3-ways-surveillance-video-boosts-employee-safety-1Professionals across every industry understand the value of surveillance systems that keep facilities secure and valuables safe, especially at night. But how can your video surveillance system provide benefits beyond protecting the business or organization from after‑hours intruders? How can your surveillance video cameras and footage keep your staff safer during work hours? 

Using the right surveillance video system for your business or organization can lead to a safer, more secure workplace.

Modern Video Surveillance Systems

Before diving into the ways surveillance video can boost staff safety at your facility, let's review the extensive capabilities of modern surveillance systems. 

Modern security systems go beyond simple minute‑by‑minute video monitoring. They are capable of several functions, including:

  • Providing lasting surveillance footage that can be used and reviewed in the future. This helps uncover the cause of safety incidents and prevents repeat occurrences.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to track specific license plates, faces, or objects known to represent dangerous or illegal activity.
  • Connecting entire networks of high‑tech cameras and sensors so they can be managed within a centralized software
  • Uploading to the Cloud or integrating into your organization's network for increased accessibility at all times.

Today's video surveillance systems incorporate a network of high‑definition cameras that continuously scan, analyze and learn from their environment. This allows you to know what is happening and respond with certainty.

Below, we describe three ways surveillance video from your security system can boost staff safety.

Measure Safety Compliance

In 2019, the American Management Association reported that though 78% of surveyed companies notify employees of anti‑theft video surveillance, only 7% utilized the surveillance videos to track on‑the‑job performance. Installing a surveillance system in staff‑only areas of the workplace might seem unnecessary at first. But consider the two ways it augments your ability to improve safety compliance. 

  • First, simply alerting staff to video surveillance can curtail inappropriate or unsafe behaviors. This has the potential to reduce incidents and complaints of harassment and other termination‑worthy behaviors.
  • Second, surveillance videos keep eyes on the scene even when an organization is understaffed or limited to essential workers. This footage sheds light on employees’ behavior, including safety compliance. Evaluating safety compliance allows leaders to make informed decisions about which safety protocols or training experiences should be reviewed or repeated.

Prevent Future Accidents 

Video surveillance in the workplace is often used to spot intruders, but what about hazards? Safety hazards, from chemical spills to unsecured machinery, can be identified and removed before they cause accidents. 

Once a hazard or dangerous individuals have been identified, sophisticated surveillance systems allow users to set watchlists for the appearance of a particular face, license plate, or object. 

Knowing where and when a previous situation went wrong—or who neglected to follow safety protocol—also provides valuable insight into preventing a recurring hazard. When surveillance video is used to not only investigate past accidents but prevent future accidents, the technology's capability of improving workplace safety grows exponentially.

Protect Employee Valuables 

Surveillance video keeps people, property, and assets protected at all times. When employees feel safe and secure, they are free to focus on their work. 

Installing surveillance cameras in staff‑only areas offers peace of mind to your employees and also prevents would‑be thieves from taking actions in areas such as staff rooms, employee locker areas, and other behind‑the‑scenes areas of the facility. Surveillance videos can also help you determine who is responsible for stealing employees' personal belonging should a theft occur. 

The right surveillance video system can keep your staff and property safe. To learn more about the best surveillance system for your facility, contact us for a free consultation.