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Corning Neutral Host

Neutral Host

To support multiple wireless data and voice services within a building or campus on a single broadband infrastructure, a Bi-Directional Amplifier System provides high quality, reliable wireless coverage for enterprises and Wireless Service Providers. BDA systems support cellular voice, cellular data, two-way radio, Wi-Fi and paging environments.

Axell Wireless Neutral Host

Neutral Host

The growth of mobile devices has meant that the delivery of wireless communication within the majority of buildings has become not only expected, but mandatory. Axell's comprehensive range of in-building coverage systems, provides solutions for small, medium and large buildings ensuring high quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.

Bird Technologies Signal Boosters

Signal Boosters

TX RX Systems Inc. (part of Bird Technologies) first developed the Signal Booster (aka Bi-Directional Amplifier) in the late 1970s. Taking a modular approach, configured systems are easily accommodated by the proper selection of standard amplifier and filter blocks to meet the requirement. Output Level Control (OLC) effectively reduces the gain when input signal levels become too great. This standard feature insures that the signal booster remains linear and therefore maintains its certified output characteristics.